So, you got picky with your protein and now you have the empty protein tubs to prove it. Before you toss them into the recycling bin, consider the possibilities for upcycling! Those protein tubs represent a whole variety of creative potential, including smart storage solutions for pantry ingredients, kids craft supplies and toys, as well as pet food. Empty tubs can also be repurposed and beautified to become an attractive compost container for kitchen scraps or even a set of charming herb planters. With a little inspiration and a few simple supplies, the possibilities are endless. To get you started, we have a great project to help you and your kids get organized this spring.

  1. DIY Toy Tubs - For a fun and creative family craft, make personalized toy tubs for kiddos! Simply remove the label from your Orgain protein tub, lay out newspaper in a well ventilated area and spray paint the tub. Once the tub is completely dry, let kids gather up stickers, markers, paint and more so they decorate the painted tubs and create their own little piece of organizational art to fill with toys and treasures.
  2. Protein Tub Planters  - What better way to celebrate Earth Day and upcycling than to transform your empty tubs into planters! Simply remove the label from the tub, carefully cut the top of the tub off to your desired height, poke several holes in the bottom for drainage, fill with soil and plant away!
  3. Lego Man Lego Bin - For all the little lego fans out there, DIY Lego Man Lego Bins are a fun  project to get the whole family involved. Head over to our blog post detailing step-by-step instructions for how to make them!
  4. Special Snack Jar - Make healthy snacking fun by creating a special snack jar full of healthy foods that kids can choose from each day! Fill with protein-rich snacks like Orgain Kids Protein Organic Nutrition Shakes, Organic Kids O-Bars, and good-for-them treats like clementines, pre-portioned containers of trail mix and more!
  5. Family Time Capsule - Make memories that last by creating a family time capsule! Decorate an empty Orgain protein tub with your family name and have each family member include one item that they treasure (it could be a book, a small toy, a favorite stamp, etc.) along with a note explaining why their object is so beloved. Seal the “capsule” and keep in a special place until you’re ready to open!