The back to school transition is a great time to (re)introduce healthy routines into the mix. Eating clean is a big piece of that, but these parenting bloggers have additional tips and tricks that have worked with them to promote an all around healthy lifestyle for their kids. 

1. Get clean and creative with after school snack time

Michelle Gindi of  Buddha Bowls and Burpees shares how she changed snack time from feeding frenzy to pre-dinner appetizers. By encouraging her children to take a breath after returning home from school instead of rushing to the sweets cabinet before they even take their backpacks off, she created extra time for herself and a healthier relationship with food for them. Thanks to Michelle we’re reaching for homemade guacamole and pita chips, hummus and nut butter, or edamame. By going "restaurant style" starting with an appetizer course (instead of snack time) you’re giving yourself an few extra minutes to get dinner on the table and encouraging better food choices. This Superfoods Beet Hummus Recipe is a great option!

2. Pause the internet

Hannah Carpenter’s approach to a healthy “after school” routine means spending time outside, reading, or doing a craft, not watching Netflix or scrolling.   Hannah speaks to the fact that homeschooling her children often creates a rambunctious and less than quiet environment at home, which she loves! It can be tempting to turn on the screens for a little quiet time, but she does her best to foster it in other ways. Read more from Hannah in her post “Internet Freedom with Circle.

3. Healthy lunches, healthy kids

“Lunch should always be three things: delicious, easy to put together and fun to eat!” Corri McFadden of the Glitter and Bubbles blog has a point. Pre-packaged lunches often contain added sugars, unhealthy amounts of sodium, and preservatives. Skip the premade aisle and grab your child’s favorite fruits, veggies, whole grain snacks and a clean and hearty protein like our  Orgain Organic Kids O Bar. For some fun and healthy DIY lunch hacks, check out Corri’ post. From her star shaped cheese slices to love note toothpicks, there’s some great inspiration for clean and healthy lunches.

4. Introducing home care routines

In Ginger Parrish’s blog Parrish Place she shares her desire to teach her children the benefits of hard work. She feels that it’s necessary to teach kids at a young age to enjoy contributing to the household. Parrish states in her “Teaching our Kids to Work” blog, “cleaning isn’t always fun, but they get to choose their attitude and I think it’s best for them to learn that when they are little.” Her positive and all-natural approach to cleaning is more than inspiring, it’s practical and MAYBE even fun! Taking a half hour out of the day once or twice a week to put on some tunes and dance around with a mop or vacuum won’t seem so bad when they realize that their contributions really help.

5. Make time for family dinners

According to Rachel Allen, a gut health specialist and blogger, family dinners can act as place of peace after a busy school and work day. They allow children and parents to sit down, take a breath, and connect. Multiple studies have shown that eating family dinners together regularly can have a positive impact on children’s performance in school. When children feel comfortable sharing their struggles and triumphs with their parents, they are more likely they are to feel supported and happy. For more tips for a happy and healthy back to school routine from Rachel Allen check out her article for Hyperbiotics!