Stuffing, pies, gravy, green bean casseroles – and maybe some wine with that? It's pretty easy to indulge (a little too much) on Thanksgiving – you get caught up in the feast and festive celebration and next thing you know your pants seem to be playing a cruel shrinking trick. Next comes the bloating and digestive discomfort... But there is another way to approach the holiday. With a couple of simple tips and some planning, you can have your pie and feel good, too. Here’s how to avoid a Turkey hangover:
  1. Eat breakfast – You might be tempted to skip breakfast to save room for the holiday meal. But starting the day off with a wholesome breakfast gives your metabolism a jumpstart and can help to reduce hunger so that you’re less likely to gorge yourself on mashed potatoes. Too busy to sit down for an omelet? Whip up a protein smoothie or grab an Orgain nutritional shake for complete (and convenient) nourishment.
  2. Hydrate throughout the day – There are endless benefits to drinking plenty of water, but around the holidays, good old H20 is key for 3 main reasons – promoting healthy digestion, preventing fatigue, and quite simply, because drinking water helps you feel full and consume less calories.
  3. Make a plan – Choose indulgences wisely and stick to your guns! Can’t resist your grandmother's famous stuffing? Plan on having a healthy serving and filling up the rest of your plate with veggies and lean protein. Eat what makes you feel good and don’t let guilt ruin a day of celebration with family and friends.
  4. Finish strong – Take an after dinner stroll, play a game of game of touch football or break out the Wii –anything to get you up and moving! If yours is a football family, get active while you watch the big game – 5 jumping jacks every time the opposing team scores a touchdown. Make it fun!
  5. Meditate –Think about any healthy goals that you’ve achieved and the goals that you hope to reach in the next year. Then take a quiet moment to reflect on what you’re truly grateful for this Thanksgiving, and beyond. Research shows that gratitude can improve both mental and physical health.
We hope that these simple tips help make this Thanksgiving a happy and healthy one. And remember, even if your good intentions get derailed and you end up in a mashed potato and stuffing stupor, one day does not make or break a healthy lifestyle. You have 364 other days to stay on track with healthy habits.