The early bird gets the worm… and can start the day with a great workout! Summer’s longer hours mean early morning workouts can be enjoyed in daylight instead of those groggy hours winter mornings are made of. Summer is a perfect time to gain momentum in creating new habits like waking up earlier and working out daily. A daily fitness routine promotes overall physical and mental wellness - helping to alleviate stress with the release of happy-feeling endorphins, and by tackling your workout first thing a productive and positive tone is set for the rest of the day. Sounds pretty nice, right? These five simple tips prove early morning workouts aren’t just for the birds. Rise and shine- you’ve got a great day to soar through!

  1. Prepare the night before. Very few of us can get out the door on time without some prep the night before, let alone early enough for a workout. Overnight protein oats are delicious, versatile, and only take a couple minutes to make the night ahead, like this two-ingredient chocolate version. Experiment with various add-ins, like Orgain Organic Plant Based Powder, berries, or peanut butter to keep things interesting for an easy grab and go breakfast. Also toss a ready to drink post-workout protein shake in your bag, fill your water bottle, and pack your lunch ahead of time so you can get to your spin class without your head spinning.
  2. Go to bed early to rise early. It will be less tempting to hit snooze when you’ve gotten enough rest the night before. Work towards an earlier wake-up call by going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier each night until you are waking up rested and ready to go. Move your phone or alarm clock across the room to force yourself to get out of bed to turn the alarm off and to keep you from checking late night notifications.
  3. Commit to a class or group if you have a hard time sticking to a plan, or try an app for at home workouts if you’re looking to save time or money. External accountability helps many people stick to good habits, so find an early-riser buddy and ask them to meet for a walk, run, or class for extra encouragement and some quality time.
  4. Do something fun you’ll look forward to! Hate lifting weights? Try a Barre or HIIT workout instead, or perhaps Pilates or a spin class are more your speed. Even a long early morning walk or brisk jog are a great way to start the day, as long as you choose something you actually enjoy. You’re more likely to stick with a daily fitness routine if you truly like it!
  5. Track your progress to gain momentum. It’s encouraging to see our progress and it can push us forward to continue making healthy choices that bring us greater long term happiness. Try an app on your phone or a fitness tracking device, you can even mark your progress in your planner for a low-tech approach.

The truth is, you really can wake up earlier and get moving without overhauling your life. A few simple adjustments can help you make time for what matters most to you, and you may just become a morning person after all.