That snooze button is oh-so-tempting each morning, promising five more minutes of blissful sleep before starting the day. But have you ever noticed how hitting snooze just makes you five minutes later for everything, snowballing into an inevitable early morning rush? Or do you grab your phone as soon as your eyes flutter open to scroll for what feels like a few minutes but turns out to be 20? Starting the day doesn’t have to be such a pain. Get a handle on your morning with these 5 simple tips for waking up on the right side of the bed for a better day and a happier you.

Meditate on gratitude. Research shows that taking a few minutes to list things you are thankful for can have a positive impact on your mood and can even transform your outlook when life gets tricky. Meditation and mindfulness have also been shown to provide an impressive list of benefits, including feelings of wellbeing and clarity and a reduction in anxiety, depression, and stress. Instead of hitting snooze, use those extra five minutes to get out of bed and meditate or jot a list of a things you appreciate in your life. Free apps are great for short guided meditations, too!

Let your light shine. The secret to waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed? Light! Flip on a bedside light or open your blinds once you get out of bed to signal to your body that it is daytime. This subtle shift energizes your body and mind, turning on your internal light switch and dimming early morning grogginess.

Make your bed. Seriously. Making your bed first thing in the morning means your room looks tidier, you’ve already accomplished something, and research shows that people who make their beds tend to be happier and more successful. The good news is that your bed doesn’t have to pass military muster—just smooth the covers and plump your pillows for a welcome sight when it’s time to return to the Land of Nod.

Get moving. Make use of that big morning stretch from your fingers to your toes. Stretching stimulates circulation and can boost your energy, like a little caffeine buzz without the crash. Adopt a quick morning yoga sequence, like this one, to feel refreshed and ready to go in just a few minutes. Or, choose a favorite playlist to start your day with a little endorphin-releasing dance party.

Power up with clean protein. After eight hours of shut eye, break your fast with high quality clean protein. Skip sugary cereals and pastries for a PB & J swirl protein smoothie or whip up a collagen matcha latte so you don’t start the day on empty. Protein is key in building muscle and helping you stay full and focused until lunchtime. It can also fend off brain fog and the afternoon slumps so keep a few Orgain Simple Bars handy for when you need to refuel.