The only thing we might love more than National Food Day is, well, food! One of the key ingredients for our powders, shakes, and bars is great flavor, and while our goal is to nourish your life with the highest quality ingredients, it has to taste good, right? Good food is worth celebrating and enjoying and sharing. That’s why we’re here!   But there is a whole lot more to love about food than just flavor. Here are some of our favorite reasons to celebrate.

Food Comforts

Comfort food...need we say more? From that favorite harvest salad or three bean chili to Grandma’s apple pie (or any pie for that matter), a warm and satisfying meal can feel like a big hug.  Sometimes it’s a recipe that connects us to loved ones, or even a brothy soup that helps us heal––food has the power to bring us comfort.

Food Nourishes

Our relationship with food defines our health. The most valuable type of self-care starts with what we eat and what we drink and how well we nourish our bodies. That’s why it is so important to start every day with a thoughtful and nourishing meal, with care for flavor and also our good health. This Snickerdoodle Overnight Proats recipe just might provide the best of both.

Food Builds Community

Gather around the table, everyone. It’s time to eat. Nothing brings people together quite like food. Who doesn’t love a good dinner party or potluck? Gathering around a meal is a great way to form a community where you know you all share at least one common interest--FOOD!  So invite your neighbors over, start a supper club, join your local co-op or even sign up for a cooking class. Simply sharing recipes is a great way to connect over something as simple as Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Bars. Let us know what you think!

Eating Together is Awesome

Sadly, Americans rarely eat together anymore. In fact, the average American eats one in every five meals in her car, one in four Americans eats at least one fast food meal every single day, and the majority of American families report eating a single meal together less than five days a week. Children who do not eat dinner with their parents at least twice a week are 40 percent more likely to be overweight compared to those who do. The fact is, dinners with family and friends strengthens relationships, help kids perform better in school, and also teach us how to cook and have a stronger relationship with food. Plus, it’s just more fun! So, whether we’re talking family or friends or both, eat together.

Good Food Shows Love For The Earth

Our food choices can have a huge impact on the world we live in. Food is another opportunity to do good by the earth and its people. By being thoughtful about the impact our food choices have on the earth and our health, we're able to vote with our dollars. Minimizing meat intake, looking for the Certified Organic symbol, buying from your local family farms, and supporting companies that do well by people and planet are all great ways to show a little love for the Earth, all while loving your food.   Happy National I Love Food Day! So, what’s for dinner?