Are you an all-in on Valentine’s Day kind of person, or maybe feel a little less than enthused this year? Whether or not you’re hand-making cards for coworkers and decking out in pink, it never hurts to take a moment and remind friends and family how much they mean to you. Not interested in heart shaped boxes of chocolates and champagne? Here are some fun and healthy Valentine’s Day ideas that are sure to win over anyone’s heart:

But First, Breakfast!

Everyone loves waking up to the smell of coffee and pancakes in the morning. Why not surprise your partner with a homemade and heart-healthy breakfast to start their day off right? Add a scoop of Orgain Superfoods Powder to a fruity smoothie to give them the extra fiber and energy they’ll need for the fun-filled day you’ve planned, and top it off with some cacao nibs. Add a side of Chocolate Protein Pancakes and you’ll be the MVP of Valentine’s Day.

Opt Outside

Plan to spend a part of the day outside together and get those hearts pumping. Whether you’re lacing up ice skates or hiking boots, surrounding yourselves with nature is shown to improve mood, creativity, longevity, and overall stress levels. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Be Mindful

Make Valentine’s Day all about gratitude by treating your partner (and yourself) to a yoga class. Partner yoga will not only open up those shoulders but your heart as well. Looking for something a little less physically demanding? Consider a meditation session or, you guessed it, couples massage! Surprising your significant other with a couples massage is a healthy, rewarding, and intimate gift that you can both enjoy.

Take a Screen Break

Now that you’re bodies are warmed up, why not warm up the brain. Pull out the chessboard and challenge your partner to healthy, yet competitive game in front of the fireplace. Yes, we all have that one show we can binge-watch for days but why not take Valentine’s Day to spend some quality time together and take a TV break. Choosing to spend the night in with friends and a couple glasses of wine? Pull out an old board game you used to play as kids. It’ll be sure to spark plenty of memories and will have you laughing about embarrassing middle school dances and bad first dates for the rest of the night.

Get Saucy!

Turn date night into a fun and romantic night at home. Nothing says, “I love you” quite as completely as making delicious and nourishing food for another.Looking for a sweet end to the night? Don’t take your aprons off just yet. You simply must try our Cashew Vanilla Cheesecake Recipe. It is just decadent enough and the perfect topper to a healthy, active day.