Here are some delicious foods that will keep you fueled before, during and after a refreshing Fall hike without adding too much weight to your pack!


Before heading out for the day to enjoy the Fall foliage and all that this season has to offer, fuel up! Protein, whole grains, and fresh fruits can offer sustained energy and enough carbohydrates to keep you energized all the way to the summit. Whip up a protein packed smoothie loaded with your favorite fresh fruits–maybe even a frozen veggie or two–your choice of nut milk and viola! Perfect road trip fuel on your way to the wilderness and with a side of your favorite whole-grain toast slathered in nut butter, you’ll be itching to hit the trails! Looking for a quick and easy recipe? Try our Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie recipe. With the convenience of only having to add a few ingredients to our 20g Clean Protein Shake you’ll be out the door before the sun is up!


During your trek up the mountainside you won’t want to be taking the time to put together an entire meal. Instead reach for compact, nutrient-dense and high-carb foods for instant energy.
  • Protein Bars - Orgain Protein Bars are the perfect, packable option when it comes to mitigating extra and unnecessary weight in your pack. They’re loaded with nutrients and protein keeping you satisfied without making you feel as though you’ll need to be rolled back down the mountain. We all know that feeling a little too well, don’t we?
  • Hummus & Veggies - This dynamic duo offers a tasty and refreshing crunch in a packable form. Bring along sliced apples and your favorite nut butter and we’ve got a party! Fiber, natural sugars, MORE PROTEIN, and even some added hydration thanks to our celery stalk friends.
  • Trail mix - The backpacker’s staple! Trail mix is another excellent lightweight and easy option for when you’re looking to make a day out of adventuring. Head to the bulk section in the grocery store and get creative! Dried fruits, nuts, and even chocolate are going to provide nutrients, sodium (for us sweaty Betty's), fast energy, and added protein. All perfect for when that last mile starts to feel a little too taxing.


You did it! You conquered that mountain like a champion and now it’s time to give your body a well deserved rest. Before you collapse on the couch for a post-hike snooze, refuel your body with a little bit of recovery food. Collagen is the perfect post-hike addition to any recipe. Each serving of our grass fed pasture raised Collagen Peptides contains 20g of collagen peptides all of which are shown to support healthy joint function and muscle recovery. Because it’s flavorless you can add it to just about anything. Toss a scoop into a smoothie, coffee or tea, or straight into your water bottle post-hike–your body will thank you.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after any physical activity is crucial. Although the temps may have dropped, after a few minutes of hitting the incline your heart will be pumping. The more you sweat, the more you need to rehydrate. Make sure to bring enough water to carry you through your entire hike–the longer the hike, the more water you’ll need. In this case try opting for a wearable water source. CamelBaks and other soft, hydration packs tend to be lighter than the average reusable water bottle and often offer easy access. Don’t be afraid to bring more than you may need and take water breaks every half hour to an hour. Sure, you’ll have probably peed in the woods multiple times by the end of the day but isn’t that a part of the fun?! However you choose to get outside this Fall remember to stay hydrated and never go hungry.