Hands up if shorter days and colder temps put you into hibernation mode. Not this winter! There are too many benefits to keeping exercise levels high year-round, even if lacing up your sneakers is the last thing you want to do. Not a fan of the cold? That's okay! These five indoor workout ideas will keep you on the move, whether in the gym or at home.


Sick of being cold and dreaming of a tropical vacation? Bikram or hot yoga will warm your body up, from the inside out. A heated yoga session is great for your immune system and fighting off cold season. Yoga, in general, is both mentally and physically challenging. It increases your flexibility, endurance, and strength, while also providing a healthy way to wind down from a busy work day or week. Fall and winter can bring a lot of stress, and yoga just might provide the “me time” you need. In addition, the crazy amount of sweating that you will do at a heated yoga class is really great for your skin. Savasana.

HIIT Workouts

If you usually run or walk outside in the warmer weather and just can’t bring yourself to get on the treadmill, give HIIT workouts a try. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and are an effective and fast way to squeeze in a successful workout (most take under 30 minutes). HIIT workouts are flexible and can be done anywhere (your living room or at the gym), and no equipment is required. The high-intensity exercise will get your heart rate up and, depending on the specific routines you do, can be a great combination of cardio and strength training.

Spin Class

Try something new this fall! It’s all too easy to be unmotivated in the colder seasons, but attending a group class can be fun and energizing. In a spinning class, you ride on a stationary bicycle while an instructor guides and encourages the group. Spin is great cardio and will definitely get your sweat on! Make it a social event and bring your friends. Or go alone - you never know who you might meet! Finding the class that’s right for you may be tricky, but once you find your favorite gym or instructor, you’ll enjoy community, accountability, and an awesome feeling of accomplishment with each class.


If you’re not into doing heavy cardio but want something more strenuous than yoga, consider Pilates. You can do it at home, but trying a new type of workout in a class setting is a great way to get out of a cold weather rut or meet up with friends. Pilates is wonderful for your core strength, posture, and range of motion. It elongates while it strengthens and we promise that if you’re doing Pilates correctly, you’ll start to feel the benefits immediately.

Rocking Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is an all-over body workout that will activate your arm, shoulder, back, and leg muscles. Not only is it physically demanding, rock climbing is a mental challenge. As you scale, you will calculate where to place your body weight, which directions to climb, and some may battle with a fear of heights (you can do it!). Rock climbing is also super fun! The community of rock climbers in your local town are likely some pretty fun and adventurous people, and it’s a great activity for your next date or meetup with friends or family. Don’t fall into a rut this winter. Stay active and healthy by making sure your workouts are varied and challenging so that when the sun peaks back out again in spring, you’re ready to get out there!