Sticking to a healthy morning routine can get tougher as the weather cools and sun rises a little bit later, but we all know that setting the tone for your day doesn’t start with that snooze button. In fact, morning people are statistically happier and healthier––sorry night owls––but no matter where you fall there are ways to ensure that your mornings, whenever they begin, are off to a good start. So, now that we’re heading into the latter months of the year, what do you say to a freshening up that morning routine? Here are some tips that slip right into the changing season.

Try a tech free morning. Then try it again.

Disconnect to reconnect. We all underestimate just how much of our lives are wasted scrolling, liking, commenting, and sharing. Give yourself the gift of time and PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Instead stretch, flow, meditate, or enjoy breakfast. Maybe take the extra time to connect with your partner. Bonus tip: Invest in an actual alarm clock. Science tells us that sleeping next to our phones decreases overall productivity and inhibits sleep.

Eat with the Season

Tis’ the season to give thanks, trick or treat, sign up for that half marathon, and indulge in PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Fall brings us a beautiful bounty of healthy treats from freshly picked apples to organically grown squash. Autumn’s seasonal foods are not only yummy but also easy to incorporate into your mornings. Who wouldn’t want to start their morning with some Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Pancakes? These Fall morning recipes from Healthy Grocery Girl are a great way to eat with the season and celebrate September aka Better Breakfast Month!

Layer up

Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean your morning motivation should as well! Layer up, get outside, and soak up some fresh air and Vitamin D. An active morning will give you more energy for the day than just relying on coffee. There are some “crazy awesome” benefits to exercising in cold weather! Strengthen your heart, turn those white fat cells brown (it’s a good thing!), and use the chilly morning runs as an excuse to invest in that perfect running shell you’ve wanted forever.

Start meal prepping already!

We really can’t tout the benefits of healthy meal prep enough. We’re all busy people, but using our crazy schedules as an excuse to spend too much time and money on unhealthy food is no longer a thing. Meal prep, people! This simple, satisfying, and healthy Overnight Oats recipe will get you started. For Five Simple Meal Prep Tips to get you going, check out this post from Healthy Grocery Girl!