Smoothies themselves are the ultimate hack. They take next to no time to prepare, help you pack in a ton of nutrients, and all it takes is a blender and a plan. Just throw in all those ingredients and let ‘er rip.

That said, there is an art (we use the term loosely here) to making great smoothies and even a few ways to make them even easier to prepare. Try these 10 smoothies tips this January to get your year off to a smooth start.

1. Freeze for ease - Slice, chop, and combine smoothie ingredients into Ziploc bags or freeze in ice cube trays for easy blending in the morning. Create batches during your weekly meal prep to cut down on prep time when it’s blend time.

2. Cool caffeine - Coffee in smoothies? You betcha. Freezing some leftover java in ice cube trays hits two birds with one cube: get the cool texture of ice with the pick-me-up of coffee in your morning blend. Wake up to this Bulletproof coffee smoothie recipe for focus.

3. Go bananas - Bananas are smoothie staples. They add a creamy texture, lots of potassium, and can sweeten out green smoothies just a bit. Peel, slice, and freeze bananas to use later. Give this Pear Banana Cinnamon smoothie recipe a whirl.

4. Greens (leafy or otherwise) - Add green apples and kiwi are great compliments to spinach, kale, and romaine in smoothies. The subtle sweetness can make the bitterness of leafy greens much more delicious! Try this Kiwi & Greens Protein Smoothie recipe.

5. Get those grains - All plants are welcome when it comes to blending. Adding a scoop of instant oats or cooked steel oats powers your smoothie with fiber and healthy carbs.

6. Be a pop star - Have a little leftover? Pour into ice cube or popsicle molds for a better-for-you popsicle. These are great for hot days or as a better-for-you dessert option. Looking for inspo? Take a peek at this Bananas and Cream Protein Popsicle.

7. Shrink your waste - Everyone knows how quickly produce goes bad. Have something sitting around for a few days that you don’t want to waste? Create a new smoothie recipe. Throw those fruits and veggies in the blender and eliminate a lot of waste in your weekly routine!

8. Just avoca-do it - It’s not just for guacamole anymore! Avocado is chockful of healthy fats and nutrients and adds a great creaminess to your creation. Start with a quarter to half an avocado to get a feel for it. Avocado is one of these 5 Foods to Eat for Glowing Skin.

9. Delete the dairy - If you’re looking to go dairy-free, there are PLENTY of delicious options out there for smoothies. Almond milk, soy milk, coconut water, and oat milk are all fantastic substitutes for regular moo juice. These replacements can decrease fat and calories in your smoothie by quite a bit. You’ll never ask “Got milk?” again. Check out this list of vegan smoothie recipes.

10. Sprinkle some seeds - Flax, chia, hemp—heck, even pumpkin seeds put some extra fiber in your game. A lot of these seeds have added benefits of healthy fats and can be blended or just sprinkled on top on your smoothie. See how seeds are a perfect snack for stamina.