Feed Their Fun: What to Look For In a Healthy Kids' Drink

Nutrition is incredibly important to the development of healthy kids. However, some kids are picky eaters or they may need an extra nutritional boost if they are underweight or particularly active in sports. Knowing what your kids need to be healthy is important, as is having options to ensure that they get protein, healthy fats, fiber, and other nutrients throughout their fun-filled day. While there are many shakes and drinks marketed to and for children boasting a healthy nutritional profile, a close look at the nutrition label could disqualify them from the running. Loaded with artificial sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, and genetically modified and pesticide laden conventional ingredients, these beverages just don’t make the cut. We’ve got some tips to help you and your kids get picky with your protein and to make sure you find the right kids protein shake for your family.

  1. Low in sugar: Research shows that children with a diet high in sugar and sweeteners are more at risk for becoming obese as well as increasing their risk of heart disease and other serious health issues. Our kids’ protein shakes come in creamy, dreamy chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors that taste like a yummy treat while nourishing little bodies with real food ingredients and the same natural sugar count as a glass of milk. These shakes also make a great base for decadently wholesome nice cream!
  2. Formulated with kids in mind: kids, teens, and adults have different protein requirements. When choosing a kids’ protein shake, make sure the protein count matches your child’s daily needs and offers complete nutrition. Research links too much protein consumption to kidney and liver damage, which is why it’s important to choose a protein shake made especially for children. Orgain Kids Organic Protein Shakes are doctor formulated with children’s specific nutritional needs in mind, including vitamins, minerals, and a solid 8 grams of protein appropriate for growing bodies.
  3. No additives or preservatives: Stick with an easy to read ingredients list to ensure that your kids aren’t drinking a concoction of preservatives, dyes, and other icky additives. Instead, look for whole food blends of fruit, vegetables, and multivitamins for clean, optimal nutrition.  
  4. Organic and non-gmo: Just as important as keeping preservatives out is making sure kids protein shakes are made from organic, non-genetically modified foods. All Orgain Kids Protein Shakes are organic and non-gmo because we understand the connection between clean eating and healthy development. By sticking to organic and non-gmo protein from grass-fed milk and plant sources, you keep toxins like pesticides out of your child’s cup and off of their plate.
  5. Keep it simple: We like to keep it simple at Orgain. Keeping ingredient lists short and naturally sweet means you can rest assured that your family is consuming clean, organic protein from quality whole foods that taste great and are handy on the go. Ready to drink shakes are easy to tuck into lunch boxes or backpacks and come in flavors kids actually like!

Orgain Kids protein shakes and bars are formulated with children’s growth and development in mind as well as on the go convenience, so you never have to compromise on quality, nutrition, or flavor. Knowing what to look for in kids’ protein shakes means you can give them the best, setting them up for success today and in their bright futures. Cheers!

Orgain Kid Protein Organic Nutrition Shake

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