Cool Breakfasts to Fuel Summer Fun

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Cool Breakfasts to Fuel Summer Fun

No one wants to stand near a hot oven or stove in July, especially first thing in the morning. And with so much fresh produce in season and great weather to enjoy, you don’t have to overheat in the kitchen to serve up healthy meals around the clock. If the very thought of piping hot pancakes is making you break a sweat, chill out with these cool breakfast ideas! Stay chill and keep things simple, starting with no-fuss breakfasts that pack plenty of clean protein and nutrients to fuel your summer fun.

Smoothie bowl goals. Besides being totally Instagrammable, smoothie bowls are an easy way to start your day with generous servings of veggies, fruit, protein, and healthy fats. This >mint chocolate smoothie bowl keeps things extra cool with refreshing mint, while a peanut butter and jelly inspired smoothie bowl hits both sweet and savory notes just right. Search our blog for inspiration and recipes to hit your summer smoothie bowl bucket list.

Overnight protein oats. If you are an oatmeal lover, try overnight protein oats for a summery take on your cozy morning grain bowl. Instead of stirring a hot pot each morning, fill travel-friendly jars with oats, liquid, and toppings for a cool and creamy grab and go breakfast. Using Orgain protein almond milk or a scoop of grass-fed protein powder will make your oats extra rich and satisfying with clean protein. Keep things interesting by trying new combinations like carrot cake, triple berry, or coffee and banana!

Ch-ch-chia pudding. A grain-free option similar to overnight oats, chia pudding is incredibly filling and delicious. Full of omega 3s, healthy fat, fiber, and protein, chia pudding can be made with coconut milk or Orgain protein almond milk and your favorite add-ins. We are partial to this zingy Meyer lemon and vanilla chia pudding and this yummy chocolate cashew combo. Since it is so simple to make ahead, switch things up when prepping so you have a couple different flavors for the week!

Protein breakfast popsicles. The kids will be thrilled when you hand them a frosty bananas and cream ice pop and you’ll be just as happy knowing they are starting the day with clean protein, low sugar, and real ingredients. Try tropical turmeric superfoods popsicles or these vegan vanilla mint bars to stay cool and keep things interesting all summer long.

Vanilla Coffee Chiller. Some mornings it is just too hot to eat much but skipping breakfast can be a real bummer for your blood sugar, brain, and body. Instead of nixing breakfast, opt for a super simple vanilla coffee chiller! Iced coffee never tasted so good with 21 grams of creamy clean protein thanks to Orgain ready to drink protein shakes. Cool and refreshing, it’s ultra-low in sugar and contains healthy fats and protein instead of artificial flavors and sweeteners so you’ll be nourishing your body without overheating or feeling too full.

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