Beat holiday bloat with these simple smoothies.

Beat holiday bloat with these simple smoothies.

It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and overindulge in a few too many glasses of wine, heavy meals, and sugary desserts, which, let’s face it, will inevitably put our digestion out of whack. But enjoying the holiday season is healthy for the soul, and no one wants to skimp. That’s ok! You can still keep your body in balance with some simple preventative tricks. For example, there are countless benefits to drinking enough water, but if you’re plagued with an upset stomach or just plain overdid it the night before, ensuring your body is hydrated before overdoing it goes a long way. Add a squeeze of lemon to help kick your digestion into gear! Also, practicing mindfulness as you eat favorite holiday treats goes a long way. Savor every bite and try to double the amount of time it usually takes you to eat your meal. It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to communicate to your brain that you are “full.” Remember why you are gathering with your family and friends and celebrating a special occasion--is it really only about food? By savoring the flavors of the season and going for quality over volume, we’re all able to enjoy more variety without feeling like a balloon. If possible, skipping dairy, sugar, and heavily processed foods is the best method for many of us to avoid bloat over the holidays. The easiest way to do this is by steering clear of those heavy desserts that lead to sugar crashes and a grumpy belly. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge - quite the contrary! Starting the day or mitigating those afternoon cravings with a smoothie will help set your stomach up for success! Here are some of our favorite anti-bloat smoothie recipes:
  1. Craving chocolate?! Give our Chocolate Mint Protein Smoothie a try! Rest assured that this smoothie only tastes indulgent. Featuring our Chocolate Plant-Based Protein Powder, it packs a punch with 21 grams of plant-based protein.
  2. Try a dairy-free, low-sugar smoothie, like our Low Sugar Berry Smoothie. Avocado is the perfect fruit to add to smoothies due to the healthy fats which will fill you up (and keep you feeling full). The fat also provides a wonderful indulgent and creamy texture. Plus, the additional fiber makes this smoothie a homerun!
  3. Our Clean Green Smoothie is perfect for the holiday traveler! This smoothie is loaded with fiber and natural detoxifiers. One of the key ingredients is our Original Superfoods Powder. One scoop has 50 organic super foods, including organic fruits and veggies and organic greens, 5 billion probiotics (which will keep your gut happy!), and 7g of organic fiber to help you flush out any bloat.
  4. If you want a smoothie that really tastes like dessert, our Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie has you covered. Are you looking for something a little easier? No shame in that. Our Easy Vanilla Cherry Smoothie Bowl Recipe is super delicious and has only three ingredients!
  5. Eat the rainbow and reap the benefits! Our Veggie Smoothie Recipes are a breezy way to get more fruits and veggies this time of year. These three smoothies are all built around our Vanilla Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, so you don’t need a million different ingredients.
Remember, base your daily routine around lots of water and healthy ingredients, so that when those party invitations come rolling in, you’ve already set yourself up for success! Save

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