5 Ways Organic Protein Helps You Love Your Body and the Earth Better

5 Ways Organic Protein Helps You Love Your Body and the Earth Better

At a time of year when love is on the brain, why not invest more in yourself and the Earth this February? Sure, candy hearts and chocolate boxes are nice, but sweet treats that are high in added sugars and a slew of artificial ingredients you can’t pronounce can leave us feeling less than our best. If you are having trouble staying focused, feeling fatigued, achy, or have brittle hair and nails, you might not be getting enough protein. Since protein is an essential macronutrient for maintaining the body’s organs and many functions, tuning in to your body and diet is a significant act of self-care and it can also come with some stellar environmental benefits. So, this February, show yourself some love and embrace five ways organic protein can help you love your body and the Earth!

  1. Self-care: Nourishing the body is showing yourself that you care about your health and wellness. This nourishing of self can have a big impact on your perspective and can lead to a stronger awareness of the surrounding world and our place in it. When we care for ourselves, we are more energized and available to care for others and our planet. Give yourself a wholesome Valentine treat with this protein and antioxidant rich cherry banana smoothie bowl, just the right shade of pink!
  2. Freedom to connect: Incorporating a convenient, high quality organic protein powder into your routine gives you the energy to do what you love with those you love best: hiking, swimming, running, dancing, and so many other activities which positively connect us to our bodies, our communities, and our world without having to compromise on flavor or quality. Get active and feel connected with these five ideas for a fun and healthy Valentine’s Day!
  3. Keeping a healthy body mindset: Be happy in the skin you’re in. If weight management is a goal for you, look to support your healthy weight goals with the right nutrition and convenient, wholesome foods. Our organic protein powder and nutritional shakes are excellent choices to fuel healthy weight goals and to give you the energy you need for your favorite activities!
  4. Eating more plants and less animals: Research shows that a plant-based diet not only leads to better health, weight loss, and reduced risk of cancer and diabetes, but it is also healthier for the planet. Eating too much meat, especially conventional meat and animal products, is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and rising cancer rates. A diet rich in organic plant-based protein means you’ll consume more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep you and the planet strong and healthy.
  5. Healthier skin: We all want clear, radiant skin, but it can be so elusive without proper nutrition and hydration! A diet of plant-based protein, organic veggies, and fruit is an excellent way to love the skin you are in and it’s gentler on the environment. Produce is naturally hydrating and loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals while organic protein strengthens hair and nails, helping muscles to recover and skin to look healthier.

What we put into our bodies matters, not only for our own health but also for the health of the Earth. Becoming more conscious of where our food comes from leads to being more aware of our bodies and how it feels after eating the right things. As you begin making the switch to more organic foods, be sure to note differences in how you feel and function. It’s likely that by getting enough organic plant-based protein or grass-fed whey protein in conjunction with lots of organic fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes that you’ll notice an uptick in energy, focus, stamina, and confidence as your body becomes healthier. Here at Orgain, we want to make sure you have the best quality organic protein to help you become more confident in your own skin with ingredients as healthy for the planet as they are for you!

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