Spring has us feeling light and breezy and hankering to get outside! Of course we are still on the smoothie train, but we’d rather be soaking up the spring sun instead of washing and chopping a fruit basket’s worth of produce each morning for our morning blend. Thankfully, there are plenty of ultra-tasty smoothie recipes that keep kitchen toil to a minimum with all the flavor of a more labor-intensive blend. Don’t let dust gather on your blender, instead, put it to use whipping up simple smoothies that still pack all the nutrients you need, adding two scoops of your favorite Orgain Organic Protein Powder to keep you feeling full and fancy free until lunch. Here are the three smoothies we’ve got on repeat using just five ingredients for the full taste of spring. And if you just happen to have one for lunch or dinner to avoid dishes, that’s okay with us.

  1. Sunshine Citrus Smoothie Bowl: This creamy, tropical smoothie gets its sunny flavor from orange and pineapple and a hefty 21 grams of plant-based protein from Orgain Organic Plant Based Powder in vanilla bean.
  2. Spinach, Avocado and Berry Smoothie: Featuring buttery avocado for satiating healthy fat as well as sweet blueberries and strawberries, nourishing spinach, and Orgain Organic Chocolate Plant Based Powder, this combo has been a go-to since day 1!
  3. Easter Basket Smoothie: A classic mix of strawberry and banana gets a little extra protein and richness from almond butter and vanilla protein powder. Sprinkle with chia seeds, edible flowers, banana slices, and an extra drizzle of almond butter for a scrumptious smoothie bowl.

Let these smoothies simplify your morning routine or brighten your post workout snack to get the most out of spring. Keeping things simple can free you up to spend a little more time outside, following your passions, or being with those you love. We’ll sip to that!