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Make Mom Feel Extra Special this Mother’s Day

Pssst. Did you know Mother’s Day is right around the corner? With everything that’s going on at the moment, this might have slipped your mind. And maybe now you’re panicking, wondering how you can make this day special for Mom when you don’t know if there is enough time to have a present delivered or when you can’t see her in person because of social distancing. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Below are some Mother’s Day ideas to ensure the woman in your life feels like queen for a day, whether you’re together literally or virtually.

If you’re at home with Mom:

  • Spruce Up: Chances are good your wife/mom/grandma/significant other is working double overtime right now to manage the household. Social media is rife with memes about endlessly filling dishwashers and houses that seem to dirty themselves only minutes after clean-up. Give Mom a much-deserved break on Mother’s Day by treating her to a couple of hours to herself – to read, talk on the phone with friends, or maybe just take a nap. And while she’s at it, get to work sprucing up your home. Imagine how refreshed she’ll feel when she comes out of her room and finds the house neat and tidy (if only for a little while).
  • Go With a Classic: Breakfast in bed. It never fails. Surprise Mom with a healthy and delicious breakfast Here’s one option that can be served to her in bed, and maybe add a special touch like a freshly-picked flower or the day’s newspaper. You know what makes breakfast in bed even better? Serving it with a side of sleeping in. Keep the house as quiet as possible and let Mom rest while you work on your culinary masterpiece. Trust us, she’ll thank you for it.
  • It Really is the Thought that Counts: Perhaps it’s been years since you hand-made a Mother’s Day gift or card. No matter; it is still a top-10, all time favorite thing for moms to receive. It’s in our DNA to cherish anything made with the loving hands of our families, and we will save these special gifts for all time. So, break out the construction paper and markers, roam around in the yard to see if there are pressable leaves and flowers, or get creative with your own hand-made gift idea. We promise Mom will love it.

If you’re away from Mom:

  • Gather the Clan: Mom is on the East Coast, you’re on the West Coast, and your siblings are somewhere in between. What to do? Schedule a group video call in advance, making sure everyone is available and logging in at the same time. Set aside a good chunk of time when you can all come “together” to just chat, laugh, and spend quality time with Mom. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it comes pretty close.
  • Make Mom a Virtual Surprise: Just because you’re not sharing the same space, doesn’t mean you can’t still make something special to share with the moms in your life. Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day with a video call that includes a special lip-sync or dance number you put together for her, using her favorite song. Or have the kids help you make a poster wishing her a happy Mother’s Day, getting each member of your household to write a personal message on it. You can unveil it on your Mother’s Day video call and read Mom each message out loud. Don’t be surprised if Mom sheds a tear or two.
  • Send It: Of course, you can also make something special for Mom (see #3, above) and send it to her in the mail or via delivery service. Whether it’s a homemade card, a special craft, or a batch of cookies, Mom is bound to feel that the distance between you is a little bit less when she receives a package or envelope containing something made just for her. Amazon packages are great, but nothing beats a care package straight from the heart.

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