Summer is grilling season, plain and simple, but good grilling recipes can be a little challenging to find if you follow a plant-based diet. The good news is that there’s no reason to miss out on the next neighborhood barbecue, because you’ve got tons of options!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite plant-based grilled recipes that are packed with flavor, high in protein, and sure to leave everyone wanting more.

Cauliflower Steak and Protein Romesco Sauce

Not a meat eater? No problem. This cauliflower steak and protein romesco sauce offers the satisfying taste of a dish fresh off the grill.

While the recipe calls for the cauliflower to be roasted, you can also toss the ¾ inch cauliflower steaks on the grill for some smoky flavor. The romesco sauce is made with organic plant-based protein powder, red peppers, almonds, crushed tomatoes, and seasonings and adds the pop of savory flavor that makes this dish such a hit.

Twice-Grilled Guaco-cados

Avocados might just be the perfect food, but we think we’ve found a way to make them even better. These twice-grilled guaco-cados are packed with the healthy fats and flavors that make avocados famous, plus a protein boost thanks to unsweetened organic plant-based protein powder.

You’ll grill the avocados twice, heating them for 3-5 minutes before scooping them out to make our version of protein guacamole. Pile the guac back into the shells, top with shredded cheese or dairy-free cheese, grill again, and enjoy!

Grilled Pineapple and Sweet Potatoes

This recipe might sound unconventional, but stick with us, because you’re going to want to try this. Our grilled pineapple and sweet potatoes recipe grills fresh pineapple and sweet potatoes braised with coconut oil for a charred, smoky-sweet taste.

While they’re grilling, you’ll whip up a sumptuous sauce made from coconut milk, organic vanilla bean protein powder, pineapple juice, and seasonings. Drizzle the grilled pineapple and sweet potatoes with the sauce, top with chopped macadamia nuts, and enjoy! The boost of protein from the protein powder will help you stay full for longer and add some extra vitamins and minerals to your daily diet.

Grilled Stone Fruit With Vanilla Greek Yogurt Drizzle Recipe

Summer is the ideal season for fresh fruit, and there’s something about grilling that brings out the sweet flavors even more. For this grilled stone fruit with vanilla Greek yogurt drizzle recipe, you’ll pick the stone fruit of your choice (we recommend using peaches, plums, or nectarines). Grill the stone fruit after brushing lightly with olive oil. While the fruit is grilling, whip up the vanilla greek yogurt drizzle using plain Greek yogurt, Orgain organic vanilla nutrition shake, vanilla extract, and maple syrup. When your fruit is done on the grill, drizzle with the vanilla sauce and enjoy. It’s the perfect dessert for grilling season!