If high energy, improved focus, more movement, and healthy foods are part of your recipe for a great day, then there is one thing you can do that sets the tone - eat a better breakfast! 31 million people regularly skip breakfast, which is basically like telling your body and brain that it’s going to have to play catch up all day. But by introducing a healthy portion of the right ingredients to your morning routine, you’ll soon find that you are performing better at work and play. But won’t skipping a meal help me lose weight? Not statistically. In fact, regularly skipping breakfast may trigger weight gain. So if you’re missing out on that morning meal in hopes of shedding extra pounds, you’re doing your body a major disservice. Our beautiful, complex bodies require a healthy diet and exercise to maintain good health, and it all begins at breakfast.  

First, protein.

Protein renews and ensures growth, regeneration, and development in every cell of your body. But you don’t need to pile on sausage, bacon, or even eggs to get what you need. We’ve designed shakes, bars, and powders to provide great vegan and vegetarian options, and love making almond butter and yogurt a regular addition to our smoothies and smoothie bowls. For those working out in the mornings, recovery protein is key to building lean muscle, so don’t skip it!

Now for a little color.

Bright fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with micronutrients which can be helpful to your immune system and even help reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress. Sweet potatoes in particular contain phytochemicals that have powerful anti-inflammatory effects within the body, the anthocyanins found in blackberries can protect your brain health, and healthy fat-packed avocados have heart-helping benefits. Mineral-rich spinach, kale, and broccoli are known to restore energy, increase vitality and improve the quality of the blood. All in all, getting your greens is essential, so why not start in the morning?

Add a few complex carbs.

If you are a morning workout junkie, or even just getting into a new a.m. gym routine, it’s important to pair your post-workout recovery protein with complex carbs for optimal muscle repair. This process also helps ward off muscle soreness and who couldn’t use that? Whole grain breads and sweet potatoes are a great option, but we want to stay away from those tempting simple carbs like white flour and sugar. Seeds and starchy veggies are other great options and come with a big bonus -- fiber!

Top it all off with healthy fats.

Minimize inflammation and enhance focus right out of the gates! Good-for-you fats, such as omega 3s, also help with satiety, so you won’t be starving before lunchtime. If you get sick of avocado (not possible!) go with nuts or seeds. What doesn’t count as “healthy fats”?  Hydrogenated fats such as fried food are a no-go and consider ditching butter for olive oil. Looking for some creative breakfast ideas to stay on track? Check out our Recipes!