5 Ways to Stay Productive when the Cold Weather Sends You Inside

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5 Ways to Stay Productive when the Cold Weather Sends You Inside

When the temperatures drop it can be easy to let your motivation follow suit. Here are some easy and productive indoor activities to keep your mind, body, and soul happy and healthy this season:

Morning Meditation

Waking up without the sun in the cooler months can often wreak havoc on a person’s motivation. Instead of hitting the snooze button and curling back up under the covers embrace the few extra minutes of peace and quiet before the rest of the world wakes. Spending 15 to 20 minutes meditating before beginning your day (and we mean before checking emails, brushing your teeth, or flipping on the coffee maker) is shown to improve productivity, decrease stress, and help you to flow into the remainder of your day. According to mindbodygreen contributor Light Watkins, making morning meditation apart of his regular routine has created positive “ripple effects” that extend through his everyday life. You don’t need a guided lesson (although that is an option for those who prefer a little extra guidance) just a few quiet minutes in a comfortable position. The results may surprise you.


Much like meditation, yoga can offer the mind, body, and soul a sense of release in the normal chaos of life. It could be argued that the physical benefits of yoga are equal to the mental and emotional benefits as well. Fitness Magazine speaks to the number of health benefits surrounding the practice of yoga a few of which can be especially beneficial during the colder seasons when we’re forced inside. The combination of focusing on tensing and relaxing the muscles in your body while clearing your mind of distractions, lists, and schedules is shown to create a whole-body mindfulness. The practice combines the care of your mind, body, and soul in a way that allows you to approach the stresses of everyday life and the change in seasons with a new and more relaxed perspective. So grab your mat and head to your local studio for a delicious de-stressing class and surround yourself with like-minded people looking to take care of their health regardless of the weather.

Reach for a good book

Put down your phone and pick up that best seller you’ve been wanting to dive into. Reading isn’t just for those lazy days on the beach, take your newfound love of turning the page and carry it right into Fall. Business Insider shares “14 Reasons why Reading is Good for your Health” and we’re all about it. Not only is reading shown to improve memory, but heighten creativity as well. So instead of binge watching Friends or Law in Order for the third time, get the wheels in your noggin turning regardless of whether or not you’re still in your pajamas. Taking care of your mind is just as important for your overall health as hitting the gym or waking up for that early morning pilates class. Sometimes it really is as simple as turning the page to make you feel more motivated in your everyday routine.

DIY your skin care

There’s nothing better than craft nights with the ladies, right? Gather your best gals and a handful of versatile, eco-friendly ingredients and you’ve got yourself a night of DIY. Staying productive doesn’t mean you have to have some sort of side hustle to keep you busy on top of your already jam packed week. It can be as simple and as easy as “greening your life” one step at a time. Whether you choose to focus on meal prepping, tackling how to avoid plastic consumption, or create your own inexpensive and organic skincare, you’re doing your health (and self) a favor. Check out these 10 simple DIY beauty products you can create at home that will keep your mind occupied on chilly nights and better the environment around you: 10 DIY Beauty Products

Clean, Organize, and Declutter

It’s Spring cleaning time–but for the Fall! What better way to keep yourself feeling productive than doing a clean sweep of your living and work space? As the seasons change give yourself a fresh start by going through closets, the refrigerator, garage, and that mysterious space under your bed. Instead of focusing on specific spaces or rooms, focus on categories. If you haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, we highly recommend it. Kondo speaks to the fact that focusing on specific categories of material items like clothing, books, etc. allows you to put your blinders on while organizing and decluttering. This will prevent any distractions from say, the box of old yearbooks in the back of the closet or a pair of roller skates you haven’t seen in years. More and more we’re seeing material things add up in our homes, but how do they really contribute to our lives? As Marie would say, if it doesn’t bring you joy get rid of it. Organizing your cherished (and only cherished) belongings, bagging up unworn clothes, donating books that have been collecting dust, and decluttering the condiment shelf in the fridge will feel incredibly rewarding. Once your space feels neat and tidy, so will your brain. Don’t let post summer blues stifle your motivation. Get creative, get moving, and remember–a happy mind, body, and soul makes for a happy and healthy life.  

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