With social distancing forcing many of us to spend more time indoors this spring, we may find ourselves turning to a variety of creature comforts typically associated with hunkering down in winter months: flour and sugar are hard to find on store shelves as people are baking all sorts of delicious comfort goodies, and puzzles have suddenly become a top-10 Amazon category.

But if you’re looking for some ways to welcome spring – even as you’re stuck inside – we’ve got a few ideas for you:

  • Spring Cleaning: This one might be obvious, but the fact is, spring cleaning is just so refreshing. Opening up the windows to let in fresh air and playing some great music as you declutter and sanitize can make the whole affair feel a bit like a party. And if you have extra helpers at home with you right now, all the better. They can get in on the act, too. Use these tips on how to clean efficiently and here is some advice on how to get children to help with cleaning.
  • Aromatherapy, the natural way: Another way to usher in spring is to bring some of the wonderful scents of the outdoors into your home, but without using chemicals or heavy air fresheners. Try picking, buying, or growing some fragrant flowers to decorate your windowsill. Or slice a lemon, orange, or lime, put the slices into a pot of water, and boil them on your stove until their wonderful scent fills the air. Research has shown that pleasant smells are tied to feelings of joy, wellbeing, and energy, but you probably figured that out when you took your first whiff of coffee this morning.
  • Indoor Garden: We hinted at it in tip #2: This is a great time to start an indoor garden or even just try growing a potted plant or two. Few things offer the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment you get from growing something from a seed into a full-fledged plant, and many seed companies are mail order businesses, so they’re already set up to ship and deliver to your door. Peruse their websites or catalogs and we guarantee you’ll be itching to get your hands in the dirt.
  • Spring Cooking: When you venture out to the grocery store or get groceries delivered, try adding some produce that’s in season (for example, artichokes, asparagus, or beets) to your basket to bring more of those spring tastes and lighter textures to your meals. You can also look for recipes designed to highlight these spring time delicacies and delights for your family – or just for yourself – with some inspired new dishes. Learn more about produce in season.
  • Try a New Workout: Think of this time, with all its breaks from your normal routine, as a chance to try something new in the workout department. Can’t get to the gym? Consider using your backyard space as a workout area (like using a big tree and some tension bands for a workout). If you don’t have your own outdoor space, use this time to explore free online workouts that you can do from your living room. Short on time because the kids are home? Search through our past blogs for examples of workouts that take only a few minutes. Here’s an example to get you started.