In our ever increasing, fully connected, busy lives, we all find it harder to break through the clutter of the day and actually go to bed feeling like we've accomplished something. We've gathered up what we think are five key tips that help us GET STUFF DONE each and every day.
  1. Create a realistic, doable task list. Put it in writing. Don't start your day with a laundry list of to-do's all jumbled in your head. Spend a few minutes at the beginning of each day thinking about the time you have to dedicate to your tasks and create a realistic to-do list for that day, not the week or the month but that day only. Put it in writing, because then you get the pleasure of crossing things off! There is nothing better than a crossed-off to-do list!
  2. Don't get hangry. When we get hungry, we get angry – HANGRY. Hangry people can't get stuff done- they are too busy getting angry about being hungry. Stay properly fueled with some healthy snacks throughout the day. Protein is a great way to stave off hunger. Coffee + Protein is even better – it's the caffeine you crave with the protein you need. A full belly means you can focus on knocking stuff off your to-do's.
  3. Exercise. Feeling sluggish? Stop and take a walk, a run… whatever. We know, we know – everyone says this but it's just so darn true! No matter how tired you feel you'll never regret breaking a sweat. It's a natural energy booster and will help you stay focused for the rest of the day. Exercise is always one of the best ways to re-energize your body and mind.
  4. Always start with YOUR to-do list and THEN respond to the needs of others. At work, we should always go through our own tasks first. Knock out the bigger projects that you want to focus on and then, when a couple of key things are complete, begin responding to emails and the requests of peers and co-workers. Don't get bogged down in emails at the start of your day.
  5. Call your mother. When all else fails, call your mom. She'll be sure to tell you just how perfect you are, no matter how much you accomplish each day. :) It's a sure fire way to feel accomplished.