5 Great Protein Sources for Vegetarians and Vegans

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5 Great Protein Sources for Vegetarians and Vegans

One of the things vegans and vegetarians are asked the most is where they get their protein and if they are getting enough of this cell and muscle building macronutrient. Protein is actually pretty easy to come by in many whole, unprocessed natural foods. For example, leafy greens, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and more contain protein. When combined with the right foods, it’s simple to make sure you get enough protein and the necessary amino acids your body requires to be healthy without consuming meat or any animal products at all. With veganism and vegetarianism on the rise, the food industry has kept up by developing dairy and meat free products as well as many substitutes for processed favorites that conventionally contain animal products. Just as being a healthy omnivore means limiting processed foods, this remains true for vegans and vegetarians. The less processed food is, the better it is for us. In this respect, vegans and vegetarians are in luck because we have five great plant-based protein sources that are completely delicious and wholesome without being over processed.

  1. Orgain Plant Based Protein Powders: Finding the right vegan or vegetarian protein powder can be tricky. Many plant-based powders can be gritty and loaded with artificial flavors, high in sugar, and other questionable ingredients. Orgain plant-based protein powders are delicious, organic, sugar free, and do not contain any strange ingredients. We use sprouted grains, pea protein, and real food ingredients to create an ultra-smooth, creamy, and scrumptious plant-based protein powder you can stir into your favorite vegan coconut yogurt, morning smoothie, muffin batter and more to get the protein you need without the grit and junk you don’t.
  2. Hearty Grains: Whole grains are high in fiber and often naturally contain protein. When combined with legumes, they become a complete protein, ensuring your body gets all the amino acids and minerals it needs to properly absorb protein and other macronutrients. Try quinoa, farro, cracked bulgur, steel cut oats, brown rice, or sprouted multi-grain breads in lieu of white rice or white bread, which are more refined and less nutritious. The added bonus is that your body will feel fuller longer and you will have plenty of flavors and textures to experiment with.
  3. Beans and legumes: Beans are loaded with protein and fiber, making them an ideal plant-based protein. There are plenty of savory dishes that showcase beans and lentils but these gluten free, vegan flourless black bean fudge brownies or peanut butter swirl vegan black bean brownies  are one of our favorite ways to enjoy beans. If you are more of a blondie person, check out these gorgeous white bean maple pecan blondies which are vegan, gluten free, and pack protein, fiber, and minerals in a chewy little square of healthy decadence… no one will know the difference!
  4. Nut butters are a great protein source low sugar, high in good fats, and cholesterol free because they are plant-based. Convenient, delicious, and easy to use, try them in both sweet and savory dishes! With so many nut and seed butters available, you’ll be able to move beyond just classic peanut or almond butters. Just be sure the ingredient list is short and recognizable as well as being low in sugar and sodium- in fact, look for nut and seed butters that skip added sugars and refined sweeteners or too much salt.

Orgain Simple bars: Have you ever noticed how many protein bars, plant-based or otherwise, taste like cardboard? Worse yet, many come with nearly unreadable ingredient lists, packed with artificial flavorings, refined sugar, and are low on the protein count, compromising your ability to find a plant-based protein bar that checks all of your nutritional boxes. Thankfully our very own Simple bars are convenient, wholesome snacks ideal for your busy life with clean ingredients and crave-worthy flavors so you don’t have to compromise anymore. Vegan, organic, soy-free, gluten free, non-gmo, and free of refined and artificial sweeteners, these feature our shortest list yet of tasty, quality ingredients.

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