When we’re not following our normal daily routines, it can seem difficult to prioritize health. We think to ourselves, why not stay up an hour later binging on Netflix or maybe I should skip the healthy snack and grab a carb and sugar-rich baked goodie instead? These behaviors are definitely comforting….for a minute. Then we find ourselves sapped of energy.

The same is true for exercise. Although we may not be able to go to the gym or meet with our running clubs, it doesn't mean we need to lose ground on our workouts while social distancing.

Maybe you weren’t working out regularly before social distancing began? Well, this is actually the perfect moment to carve out a little bit of time for yourself and give it a try. With so many in-home workout options available at the moment, there is a fitting workout for everyone from the serious athlete to exercise newbie. There’s no denying we could all use an exercise-induced rush of endorphins right now.

Below are a few resources to get you started or keep you on track.

  1. Check out your Local Y: Most YMCAs across the country are closed, but many are offering free exercises classes on demand. Yoga, Barre, Bootcamps, and Strength Training are just a few of the classes on offer. 
  2. Try an App: There are lots of great workout apps, some of which are free and others that are offering longer-term free trials during this time. For example, Peloton’s app offers dozens of virtual exercise classes that require zero equipment (dance cardio, anyone?), and for a limited time, they are making their exercise app free for 90 days. Check it out wherever you get your smartphone apps.
  3. Spend Some Time with YouTube: If you haven’t checked out the exercise offerings on YouTube, you’re missing out. Think of any kind of workout, and YouTube is likely to have dozens if not hundreds of instructional videos related to it. Give yourself some time to browse through the options and find some specific classes that are right for your fitness level (and make sure the teacher represents a credible institution or has appropriate training.) Then, get sweaty!
  4. Use What You’ve Got: It’s easy to forget we most likely have everything we need for an awesome workout right in our homes. Shape magazine has compiled a variety of trainers’ in-home workouts using the household items you already have at your disposal. What’s more fun that figuring out how to make (healthy) use of your large bottles of vodka and rum.
  5. Just Get Moving: Of course, many of the easiest non-gym workouts you can do are the simplest ones: go outside for a walk or run (making sure to keep your distance from others), crank up the music and dance your heart out – an especially great option if you’ve got little ones at home, or ride your bike around the neighborhood. You don’t need special training for these workouts, but there are plenty of free resources out there if you’re looking for some expert advice or inspiration.

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