Time at the playground doesn’t just have to be for the kids to get out their wiggles. In fact, studies show that adults can benefit from playing, too, with increased levels of endorphins, energy, and reduced stress and tension- which can help you stay fit and active enough to wrangle little ones and keep up with them as they grow. So, the next time you find yourself sidelining at the playground, give the bench-warming a break and try this 20-minute workout to feel just as good as your kids after a romp in the park!

  1. 5 minute warm up with jumping jacks, jump rope, a brisk walk or jog around the park
  2. Incline pushups, 10 reps. Using the bench or a jungle gym bar to support your extended arms, give these a try if traditional pushups are difficult. They’ll ensure better form over time than the bent knee variety.
  3. Swing set planks, 10 reps. Using the swing seat as a support for your forearms, extend into a plank position, with your body in one long line and hold for 30 seconds to one minute to tone and strengthen your core.
  4. Bench dips, 10 reps. Practice proper form to strengthen shoulders, arms, and tone triceps with this simple exercise.  
  5. Lateral leg lifts, 10 reps: Do these while standing on the end of the slide or lay on your side in the grass to tone outer thighs, waist, obliques, and hips.
  6. Lunges, 10 reps each leg: place your back foot on the bottom of the slide or draped over the seat of a swing for an extra challenge while you lunge.
  7. Monkey bars: Go as far as you can, using your momentum and core to propel yourself forward. It may come right back to you or take some practice but the good news is that it’s just as fun as you remember it… except now you’re a little taller!
  8. Squats or jumping bench squats, 10-20 reps: tone your bum, thighs, quads, and engage your core for a solid body weight exercise with nearly endless variations.  
  9. Eccentric pull ups, 10 reps: Not unlike your eccentric relatives, eccentric, or negative pull ups can strengthen you, enabling you to work towards doing regular pull ups with the best of them.

*Repeat exercises 2-9 two more times, finishing the third circuit with some full body stretches. Feel free to initiate a game of tag with your kids after!

These exercises are designed to give you a full body workout in just 20 minutes, including a few minutes of warmup and cool down, all while keeping the kids in view. Pack a couple ready to drink Orgain Nutrition Shakes for you and the kids to enjoy for muscle recovery and a wholesome recharge post-play. As you get stronger, add more exercises or design your own playground circuit! The good news is that as you do these playground workouts, you’ll begin building better stamina, strength, and energy… all helpful tools in a parent’s arsenal. An added bonus is that you’ll be modeling self-care and the importance of movement to your children, showing them that grown-ups still play and have fun, too. And, if you want to count chasing after your littles as additional cardio, we are totally on board.