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It’s a busy time of year. Holiday commitments, checking off wishlists, working hard to make sure you can send that Out of Office reply without guilt. We hope when you’re reading this, things are slowing down and you can just — breathe. You spend a lot of time thinking of others and you might have overlooked you.

There’s time where you can focus back on yourself. If you’re looking for new year’s resolution ideas that aren’t the tired, same old, become-a-new-person story you’ve heard before, why not renew you. If you’re feeling stressed this holiday season, look a little bit ahead to January. You’ll have time to renew you for the new year


Need a little self care now? Here’s how can you ease stress today and get a head start on a healthy new year.

  • Eat to beat stress. Find the best foods to fight stress, like berries and green, leafy vegetables.
  • Simplify meal times. Make a smoothie with organic protein powder or grab a ready-made shake when you’re on the go.
  • Don’t wait to exhale. A study out of Harvard Medical School shows that deep belly breathing can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure. They suggest practicing breath focus: concentrating on slow, deep breathing, to put any nagging thoughts and feelings aside. Here’s how:
    • Look for a spot to sit or lie down that’s quiet and comfortable.
    • Start with a normal breath.
    • Next, take a deep breath. Breathe in through your nose, slowly, and let your chest and abdomen rise while you inhale into your lungs.
    • Let your lower belly expand fully.
    • Finally, slowly exhale through your mouth or nose.
    • Repeat these steps, and enjoy the calm. You even can move onto combining deep breathing with guided imagery or repeating a focus word or phrase.

In the coming year, make a resolution to choose some self care and renew you. Build on your strength and healthy habits. We’ll be there for:

  • Easy, healthy recipes with protein powder, to fuel your best self.
  • Advice and life hacks for renewing you.
  • Plenty of cheering to keep you going.

Comment below to share how you are getting a head start on new year’s resolutions or on social media with #newyearrenewyou.

The Key to a Healthy Resolutions