We think everyone deserves to experience life to the fullest and to find health and energy for the small moments and the big ones too. For some of you, that means running on the beach with your kids or completing a first marathon (or even a fourteenth). For others, it means staying creative through a long workday or getting through the next round of chemotherapy with strength.

Whatever your version of a vibrant life might be, we know that nutrition is key to it.

There is nothing more vital than spending your days in good health. We know this because we've experienced it first hand. We are a company founded by a physician and cancer survivor. We are parents and athletes, creatives and kettlebell enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and caretakers.

We are the seekers of vibrant lives, and we believe deeply that nutrition is a source of health and vibrancy.

We are passionate about health, and we are committed to making better nutritional options available for everyone. (For the many ways you need them, whether in the morning or after the gym or at the hospital).

Vibrant lives begin with better nutrition, and all of us deserve to have better nutritional choices. We think everyone deserves to have an upgrade: An upgrade in our nutrition at breakfast. An uplift in our mindset during a workout. An afternoon energy upgrade. A small upgrade in every cup of coffee. The way we see it, each small upgrade brings us closer to living vibrantly.

Our mission is to offer everyone that upgrade.

To deliver better and cleaner nourishment to help you get through your day with necessary nutrients in your diet and enough strength to start a new adventure, finish a challenge, kick cancer's butt, or simply get living.

After all, Orgain started with one simple upgrade: from a processed shake to a homemade smoothie. One little, nutrition upgrade helped Dr. Andrew Abraham, our Orgain's CEO, grow from a teenager with cancer to a survivor with a passion to upgrade nutrition for all.

That's just one of Orgain's upgrade stories. We have lots more, and we know you do, too. We're looking forward to hearing them, and helping inspire new ones.

In Good Health...

The Orgain Team