After a recent email from Teresa Rasmussen, we asked to share her recovery story with our Orgain community. She responded with a darling photo of her dad and the words below: "This is a photo of my precious Daddy sitting on a Gulf Coast beach, drinking Orgain. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September. As soon as I learned of his diagnosis, I immediately ordered a case of Orgain; I know its power. As a breast cancer survivor who underwent a bilateral mastectomy and ensuing year of chemotherapy, I became seriously nutritionally depleted during treatment and lost 30 pounds. At that point my oncology team nutritionist introduced me to Orgain, which I believe helped saved my life. When you go through cancer treatment, most familiar foods lose their appeal. Orgain always 'hit the spot,' as we say here in the south. I encourage anyone going through the trial of cancer treatment to drink Orgain as a nutritional supplement. It goes down easy, tastes great... and stays down! Most importantly, Orgain lacks the added sugars which may feed tumor growth. Cancer loves sugar and other supplements are loaded with it. Daddy has only lost one pound during his month of radiation and oral chemotherapy, thanks to Orgain. As a practicing physician assistant I continue to drink Orgain as a meal substitute whenever my patient load prevents me from taking lunch. Orgain pulled me through, and is helping my Daddy. It can help you too."