It may be hard to believe (or maybe it can’t come soon enough!) but back-to-school is right around the corner. It’s time to welcome back busy mornings trying to make sure everyone eats breakfast and gets to school on time. If you’re like us, you might prefer to minimize chaos and prep foods where possible. So rather than stressing over school lunches when you haven’t even eaten breakfast yet, use these tips for meal prepping to make back-to-school that much more of a blessing.
Make lists.
Whether you’re a natural list maker (anyone?) or do so to get by, when it comes to meal prep they are kind of necessary. Take a few minutes over the weekend with the kids to decide on and write out what’s for lunch each day in the coming week. Not only does this help grocery lists come together more naturally, it also gives the kids a little stake in the game and something to look forward to.  
Pick a prep day.
Sunday is usually the most practical day to meal prep, but choose a day that works for you and bang it out! Chop carrot sticks, count out the Kids Protein Shakes, bag up the fruit, and even put together a few more interesting options like cold sesame noodle salad or tabouli. Come morning, everything you need will be right there for you (and them!) to grab.
Embrace one-dish meals
Who said you had to stick to sandwiches? While you can totally make a big batch of your favorite sandwich filling in one bowl (like tuna salad), try whipping up a soup or a veggie-heavy casserole that can be made in one dish too. It’ll save you time, cleanup and you’ll be set for the week. We love this Orgain Superfoods Green Curry that you could also easily serve for dinner.
Hello, Freezer!
Have a lot of time one day? Utilize it and make several batches of your kid’s favorite food and freeze it. This White Bean and Kale Soup freezes well and can be easily reheated. Or do your kids love Mac and Cheese? Of course they do. Try this healthier version, make one batch to eat now and another to freeze for later.
Get the kids involved.
This is a great way to introduce kids to the idea of cooking for themselves. Ask them what they want for lunch and teach them to make it. Not only do you get a helping hand, but it’s never too early to get them into the kitchen and interested in nourishing their bodies with good food. There are a ton of reasons to cook with kids, but our favorite is that when kids cook they are more likely to eat healthy options and try new things. Win! Check out some more tips for how to meal prep from the Healthy Grocery Girl!