Whether you’re an avid runner or an avid hater (of running), we all need a little push sometimes. Here is why you should lace up and get out there TODAY. Running. We either love it or we hate it. Anyone looking to amp up their fitness game has considered making running a regular part of the routine. And if you need an extra boost of confidence, head to your next local marathon as a spectator. Nothing is more inspiring than watching an 80+ year old woman crank out 26.2 miles. Running is great for longevity, it’s great for friendships and community, and best of all it is a great way to create clarity of mind. We don’t have to tell you that we are big fans of a good run, and the delicious protein-packed shake that follows it, but here are some additional reasons to lace up and get out there TODAY.
  1. Your Heart
Running is an amazing cardiovascular workout. It will get your heart pumping and in turn strengthen your heart and lungs. With improved cardiovascular health, you’ll find you won’t be as winded during the rest of your workouts. Running is a great base for any workout routine. 2. Do It Anywhere The world is your gym when it comes to running. No membership necessary. Just lace up your shoes and hit the road. This makes running a great choice, especially if you travel a lot––you can pretty much do it anywhere.   3. Weight Loss Running can burn some serious calories. A 160-pound individual can burn 363 calories in just 30 minutes. 4. Your Core You may not think “core workout” while running, but don’t worry, your core is thinking it for you! Running is an amazing workout for engaging and strengthening your midsection, and a strong core is the basis for a strong body––it’s what supports you! BONUS: Throw in a few plank exercises after your run, and you’ll really feel the burn!   5. Your Joints and Bones You may think that running will damage your joints and bones, but that doesn’t seem to hold true. Running can actually increase your bone mass and help to strengthen your joints. And what about all that talk in regards to running being bad for your knees? Good news! Research has shown that running can actually help to improve knee health.   6. The “Runner’s High” Running can do wonders for your mood. It is a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind, all while getting a boost of endorphins. Hooray for those the feel-good hormones!     7. Vitamin D While it’s important to protect yourself from too much sun exposure, some sun is a good thing. When your skin is exposed to sunlight your body will produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed for your body to properly absorb calcium but it is rarely found naturally in foods. This makes it hard to get enough from diet alone so stepping out in the sun for a quick run is a great way to meet your vitamin D needs, as long as you wear your sunscreen!   8. Stay Sharp Running is a great way to keep your memory in tip-top shape. Studies have shown that those who were more fit performed better on memory tests than unfit individuals. It seems that regular exercise can help reduce age-related memory decline.     9. Beat Boredom Hopping on a bike or treadmill at the gym can get seriously boring. Try hitting a new trail, trying a new neighborhood route, or signing up for a race to keep things fresh.   10. Be Part of a Community You don’t have to be fast or able to run a marathon to be part of the running community. Just lace up a pair of shoes, go for a run, and look at that you’re a runner! Runners are great people to be around, if we do say so ourselves, so join in the fun and soak up some of the positive energy that comes with a run well done!