A woman wearing a black tank top and turquoise leggings performs a tricep dip exercise in a gym. She has a weight plate on her lap and her legs are extended, resting on another bench in front of her. Various gym equipment is visible in the background.

Gain Strength

Sierra Nielsen for Orgain: Week 5 Workout: Tricep Toning

Are you someone who spends most of your time focusing on biceps when trying to sculpt beautiful arms? You are making a big mistake. I bet you didn’t realize that your triceps make up about ⅔ of your arm. Yep! They may be fairly small in comparison to other muscles but they are vitally important in pressing motions. So when you are planning out your next workout, please don’t neglect the triceps! Here are a few of my favorite tried-and-true tricep exercises:

  • Weighted Dips: Sets: 3 / Reps: 15
  • Barbell Skullcrushers: Sets: 3 / Reps: 15 (can use dumbbells as well)
  • Dumbbell Tricep Kickback, Sets: 3 / Reps: 10-15 each arm

Happy Lifting! #YourSoulSexy

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