Fall is here and with it, comes a whole new parade of fresh produce and seasonal foods that simply taste better right now. Depending on where you live, September can feel more like late summer, with a surplus of ultra-ripe tomatoes and those giant zucchini that even your neighbors are tiring of receiving. For others, September marks the beginning of wearing flannel and boots while dunking pumpkin spice protein donuts into mulled apple cider. Wherever you are on the autumnal continuum, these are the 7 fall foods you’ll want to incorporate into your diet stat!

Blackberries are loaded with fiber, antioxidants, and juicy sweetness without being high in sugar. They are excellent on their own, sprinkled over Greek yogurt, or frozen and added to a chocolate berry smoothie bowl.

Corn on the cob is delicious whether grilled or steamed and with a notable amount of lutein, corn may also be good for your eyesight. Cut it off the cob for a fresh salsa or stir it into a creamy vegan corn chowder.

Mushrooms like cremini, portobello, and oyster are the only plant-based source of vitamin D and are also rich in protein and other vitamins. Adding adaptogenic mushrooms like chaga or reishi to your morning tea or coffee can also provide a little immune boost with cold and flu season on the horizon. (Don’t worry, reishi and chaga have more of an earthy, nutty, vanilla flavor instead of the savory varieties you’re used to in your weekly stir-fry.) Check out Adaptogens—Myth or Miracle to get the scoop on these super-superfoods.

Apples, the classic beauties of fall, are in season and full of flavor. With 4.4 grams of dietary fiber, apples are a filling snack. This apple cinnamon protein smoothie is a refreshing take on Snow White’s favorite fruit while these gluten-free applesauce muffins are perfect for busy school mornings.

Plums are some of the last stone fruit to still be in season and their delicate flavor is only upstaged by their nutritional profile. Evidence shows that plums and prunes may help with digestive regularity, bone health, regulating blood sugar, and other health benefits. Here’s a handy list of over 15 sweet and savory recipes for this purple-hued orb.

Garlic is the flavor base for so many cuisines and dishes. Research shows it also happens to be incredibly anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and may even reduce risk of heart disease. Try roasting a whole head until it becomes a silky spread with both immune-boosting and vampire-repelling powers.

Kale is still superfood royalty in the leafy green plant kingdom. This fall, try these perfect kale chips for a super crispy snack that is reminiscent of falling leaves, only with more free-radical fighting antioxidants.