Meet Lucas! This little guy loves his Chocolate Orgain Kids Protein and wanted his own “monkey milk” t-shirt, so we sent him a care package because LOOK HOW HAPPY IT MADE HIM! Lucas is a liver transplant patient whose spirit and strength touched our hearts... and we're not the only ones. He was recently featured on WPXI Pittsburgh with an update on his challenging post-transplant recovery: Since the airing of this news story, Lucas's doctor made a significant discovery that opened new possibilities for future treatment! He is now home and his medical team has a plan. The Goeller family, and especially his mom Jess, continue to share their lives, their faith and their gratitude via the very same @SaveLucas Facebook page that brought them a direct donation of Lucas's new liver. The Goellers want to help save lives through organ donation awareness. They offer comfort when they can and are happy to answer questions about their own journey. Peppered into daily posts about go carts, plane rides, appetite changes and sibling squabbles, you'll find "Share Wednesdays" and live videos sharing stories of other kids in need and connecting people who may be able to help. The community they've built is a strong one and Orgain is grateful to be a small part of it. If you'd like to get in touch, the best (quickest) correspondence is through direct message on Facebook. You can also send cards, donations (Lucas loves tractors), drawings, etc. to his PO Box: Lucas Goeller SaveLucas PO Box 582 898 rt 910 ste 2 Indianola, PA 15051                                          When asked if they need anything specific, Jess answered simply, "Prayers please. Lots. Lucas loves to fish if anyone knows of good fishing spots!!! We are Catholic, if anyone wants to offer a mass for Lucas. We believe in the power of prayer!" Facebook: @savelucas Twitter: @jessicagoeller3 , @savelucasg

"A smile makes everything better!" - Lucas