Workout motivation zapped? Renew you by remembering when you feel your best, and taking the steps necessary to get back there! We are all guilty of getting into a workout rut: same route, same classes, same videos, and next thing you know you’re skipping out on your workout all together. Keeping your exercise routine varied and fresh means incorporating it into your daily life. Run, walk, hike, bike, spin, lift. By mixing things up you are more likely to get a full body workout and stay with it. Some days you might be really stoked for that early morning yoga class, and other days it could be the epic hike you have planned for the weekend. Whatever is in your toolbox for renewing your commitment to your healthy, active life this year, always remember those moments that made you feel your best. Getting back there just might be what you need to push through today’s routine. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you apply a fresh outlook to your workouts, and challenge your body in a way that leaves you feeling tired, sweaty, and accomplished. Evaluate Assess your current workout routine. What’s working, and what isn’t? Break it down. Jot down your favorite exercise and the ones you dread the most. After this, go back and think about your fitness goals. Have they changed? Did you have any goals prior to this? Write down any specific fitness goals you have and a timeline in which you want to achieve them. Do some research on new ways to achieve your fitness objectives. New exercises, group classes, new run routes or different equipment can help you feel reinvigorated. In order to get back on track, it is very important to break down what was going wrong and establish new goals to keep you involved and moving forward. Recreate After successfully breaking down your workout, it is time to plan. You have these goals you want to achieve, you’ve looked into new workouts or exercises you want to try, so now it is time to create a routine that is realistic enough for you to stay motivated and consistent. Break out your calendar! Create a fresh workout plan that takes into consideration what you have fun with and enjoy. In order to get back to having consistently great workouts, it is important to create a workout plan that is realistic to your schedule, energy, strength, and keep you challenged, rep by rep. Execute Make a commitment to yourself. In order to reap the benefits, you need to be diligent and give this new workout routine a serious go. It’s okay to entice yourself with a new pair of leggings, or make your favorite smoothie post-workout if that pushes you to lace up your sneakers. Build a new playlist, get yourself to the gym, and get to work. You’ve set up a strong base, now it’s time to put in the effort! There are so many reasons to lose motivation, but the benefits of a healthy, active life outweigh all of them. Next time you think about skipping the gym, remember the pride and strength that accompanied your last spin class or 5k run. Or maybe you’ve missed a few days (weeks? years?) of workouts. Getting yourself back there mentally is one of the best things you can do to prep physically, so remember what your body is capable of and get after it!