When you remember your “best workout ever”, was it on an elliptical machine, or are you recalling that time you hiked up a mountain, or ran through three boroughs, or maybe biked to your favorite swimming hole? Gym time is great for daily motivation and muscle maintenance, but why not renew your commitment to health by shaking things up a bit? Pairing exercise with a little bit of outdoor adventure is not only a great way to stay fit, but also provides the opportunity to experience new places and push outside our comfort zones a little. Not convinced? Here are some reasons to consider rebuilding your workout routine outside in 2018.

Fresh air

Finding time to go outdoors can be difficult. Trading in the gym for a jog outside or a HIIT workout in your local park is a great way to check off two healthy well-being tips: Working out and getting outside. Studies have shown that exercising outdoors in the fresh air is not only better for your body but also for your brain. People that workout outdoors typically enjoy their workouts more than those who workout indoors, and experience improved positivity, enthusiasm, and self-esteem. Additionally, these studies have shown that those who workout outdoors, compared to indoors, workout longer and more frequently. So as we renew our commitment to health, adding a little fresh air to equation just might be the mood boost you’re looking for.

It’s free

Maybe saving money is another goal for 2018. Getting creative with outdoor workouts is not only fun, it also has the potential to save you some money. Pounding pavement, hitting the trails, or even utilizing your local parks or stadium stairs is free of charge and can provide an awesome workout. If you’re into group classes or are looking for a little extra motivation, ask around about running or cycling groups, outdoor adventure clubs, or even outdoor bootcamps. All of these options offer the added benefit of community, all while pushing your workout comfort zone a little.

No equipment necessary

Sometimes the best way to rebuild your workout is to simplify your workout. Bringing your workout outdoors means no daunting machines or gadgets. Use the bench at the park as a box jump, the distance between your water bottle and sweatshirt as sprint lines, and your own body weight to create a killer cardio and strength training workout. If you’re not feeling creative enough to go completely equipment-free, keep it simple with a workout band and a jump rope. These will be staple pieces of equipment to transform your outdoor workout and are also great for travel.

Social time

If you ever feel like your hectic schedule is causing your social life to dwindle, incorporating outdoor workouts into your life is a great way to stay healthy but also be more social. Invite your friends for a morning jog or walk! There’s no class limit or membership required. Just fresh air and friends! If you’re ready to renew and rebuild your workout routine, getting outside more often just might off the boost you’re looking for.