Picturing yourself in the midst of your healthy, happy, active summer? Join us in getting a jump start!

Set goals

Do you want to eat more organic food? Feel great in your favorite jeans? Or maybe you’re ready to get more out of that gym membership? Whatever your goals maybe be write them down–and have fun with it–make your list colorful, draw pictures, turn it into a vision board if you’d like. But make it your own and then display it in a place where you can see it everyday. The fridge is our personal favorite, but your bathroom mirror or bedroom door is perfect too! The physical representation of seeing those goals every day will help remind and motivate. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out @leefromamerica. Her lists of monthly goals and self-love print is the perfect blend of motivation and creativity.

Fine tune your exercise routine

Now that Spring is here, why not take your fitness routine outside? Still having a hard time letting go of that expensive gym membership and the added bonus of their sauna? Try making yourself a schedule and switching up how you work out and where you work out. On the weekends when you’re feeling a little more relaxed try visiting your local park or beach and rolling out your yoga mat. The sound of the birds chirping and the trees blowing in the wind is the perfect backdrop for a little zen. During the week when you’ve had a frustrating day at work and need to blow off a little steam, hit the gym and take out your stress in the TRX room or go after a punching bag or two. Let the space you choose inspire your workout. We promise you, you won’t end up bored.

Hit the Farmer’s Market

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Farmer’s Markets are the perfect way to focus on healthy eating habits, while helping to build a sustainable and thriving local community. Grab your tote bags and reusable stash bags and stock up on organic, local, and fresh veggies and fruits. If you’re lucky you can even find local goodies such as handmade soaps and fresh baked bread. The best part? You’re giving back to your local farmers and artisans and helping to reduce plastic that you often walk home with after leaving the supermarket. The benefits of farmer’s markets are endless, so which one will inspire you?

Get in the habit of unplugging

With the warmer weather on its way you may want to think about spending more time offline. Instead of finding yourself checking your email every few hours while you should be on vacation or enjoying some time poolside try time blocking. Create an automatic reply on your email that states you are away from your computer right now, but you have set aside a block of time and will get back to their emails shortly. This always you to take the time to relax without worry about whether or not your boss, friend, or relative thinks you’re ignoring them. It will also force you to take time for yourself and away from the screen.

Meal prep

At this point meal prep can help with anything! If you’re worried that the warmer weather and weekend playdates or backyard barbecues are going to add to your already hectic schedule, have no fear! Meal prepping is a great way to save time, stay on track with your health goals, and keep you from having to make snap decisions at the end of the day.Try these Meal Prep Tips to be as efficient and healthy as possible! Stick with these five easy tips this Spring and you’ll be living your best life come Summer!