Here at Orgain, we take pride in how picky we are. After all, it's this very pickiness that dictates the high standard we hold our products to, for the sake of your health and ours. True, we are picky with our protein powder, just like we are picky with our ingredients ... but in what other strange ways are we picky? Today's Picky Profile brings you Robert B., Director of Social Media for Orgain. How do you contribute to Orgain's pickiness and high standards as a company and with their protein powders and products?
I, along with our social media and content team, are tasked with making sure our social media and blog are filled with the best content possible and that we are connecting with our fans and consumers all day, every day. We love hearing from you and your support and we hope you like what we are putting out!
Why is Orgain's Protein Powder better than other brands?
Filled with good stuff, not filled with bad stuff. Quick, easy, tastes great and the company exists and works hard for the right reasons.
How do you use your Orgain Protein Powder?
Blend with Orgain almond milk, Orgain Superfoods powder and a few ice cubes in my Nutribullet daily and I have an amazing-tasting, healthy meal replacement or two.
Tell us your strangest, funniest or most embarrassing picky moments in life. I'm a recovering OCD'er ... getting better every day. Keeping busy, happy and stress-free works wonders! But sand, glitter and post-haircut hair clippings are still my mortal enemies. My car is four years old and people get in it and think it is new. There's nothing in it except a phone charger. I don't think anyone has ever been in the back seat. I keep everything as new as possible. Nothing I own looks like it has been used. My shrink said I need to work on "connecting" with my belongings. But to be honest, I'd rather just get rid of most of 'em and simplify. Having spent years as a writer and editor, I can spot a typo on a page full of text, without reading it, within seconds.