Here at Orgain, we take pride in how picky we are. After all, it's this very pickiness that dictates the high standard we hold our products to, for the sake of your health and ours. True, we are picky with our protein powder, just like we are picky with our ingredients ... but in what other strange ways are we picky? Today's Picky Profile brings you Missy A., Shopper Marketing for Orgain. How do you contribute to Orgain's pickiness and high standards as a company and with their protein powders and products? I am an obsessive project manager who tries very hard to always execute projects on time with excellence and never leave an email unanswered. I make sure that teams are coordinated for the best outcome for projects.
Why is Orgain's Protein Powder better than other brands?
It's plant based, doctor developed, high in protein, made with quality ingredients and tastes good—that's a big one. The rest of the stuff out there tastes like sawdust.
How do you use your Orgain Protein Powder?
I use it with water for shakes.
Tell us your strangest, funniest or most embarrassing picky moments in life.
I am really picky about white paint. We recently painted the interior of our house and it took me 3 months to pick out the paint. I do the same three mile hike every day and I count the first 100 steps. I never where shoes in my house, ever, and I like clutter free counters and I wipe down our stainless steel appliances after every meal.