Summer flavors are fresh, colorful, and full of nutrition. Here’s what we’re filling our plates with this season.

Fruit salad

No summer gathering is complete without a fresh and colorful fruit salad. The taste of the chilled fruit mixed with the warmth of the summer sun is an infamous staple this time of year. Here are a few fruits that you may be able to find year round, but really shine in summer.
  • Melons are a great way to stay hydrated and get your daily dose of vitamins. Watermelon and Husk Melon provide plenty of hydration and essential vitamins such as vitamin A and C which can help to negate the effects of the sometimes harsh summer weather. Watermelon is also known for containing dietary fibers, iron, and calcium! Who knew this juicy fruit could be such a wholesome treat on its own.
  • Papaya is the perfect tropical addition to any fruit salad, smoothie, or salsa! It’s composition of vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes makes it a magical fruit with a number of health benefits. It’s most commonly known for containing papain, a protein-digestive enzyme. According to recent studies papain can help break down toxins and digest tough proteins.
  • Mangos are another tropical and colorful addition to smoothies and salsas. Mangos are loaded with vitamin A, C, and D and have added cholesterol reducing aids and fiber. It’s sweet and juicy meat is the perfect summer flavor that grownups and kiddos alike will crave. Try this Turmeric Mango Smoothie Recipe asap!
  • Pineapple could possibly be our favorite way to top off a summer fruit salad. This tart fruit has many health benefits such as anti-inflammation properties,metabolism boosters, and has even been shown to help regulate hypertension.

Summer, otherwise known as zucchini season

Zucchini is a relatively underrated vegetable so we’re here to help educate you about all the goodness this green plant has to offer. Whether you enjoy it raw, steamed, or grilled you’ll be thrilled to know that this abundant veggie has lots to offer. Since zucchini is made up of 95% water it can actually help to keep you feeling hydrated and your skin looking fresh when eaten raw. On top of it’s hydrating properties it’s also high in fiber, essential nutrients, and electrolytes to help in digestion and combat inflammation. Perfect side to a backyard BBQ? We thought so, too.


Who doesn’t love a fresh bowl of pico de gallo, or the Italy-inspired caprese salad? While we can get them year-round, few other fruits and veggies have a better in-season flavor than tomatoes. Tomatoes contains tons of antioxidants that can help to reduce your chance of getting heart disease or cancer. Believe it or not, one medium size tomato can provide you with 28% of your daily dose of vitamin C, an essential nutrient and antioxidant.

Protein bowls with quinoa and farro

If you’re looking to add more protein, calcium, and fiber to your diet this summer, give some new grains a go! Quinoa and farro are two of our favorite super grains. Protein is an essential part of our daily health routine and with each serving of quinoa and farro containing over 5 grams of protein. Add some grilled zucchini, peppers, and onions for a healthy and wholesome dinner, or even a pile of melon and berries for a delicious breakfast bowl. Quinoa and farro are both great bases for just about any meal, so if you’re a meal-prepper, go for the big batch! Summer is a season of healthy eating and healthy activities, so fuel up with the flavors of the season and enjoy!