Whether you’re an exercise fanatic or a newbie at the gym, we’re here to help you get stronger in the New Year with workout ideas, recipes, lifestyle tips and inspiration from personal trainer and sports nutritionist Sierra Nielsen and professional track athlete Steven Benedict. Click below or scroll down to preview some of the articles you’ll be receiving!
Setting Goals for a Fuller Life | Steven Benedict for Orgain Video | Product Recommendations, Recipes, and Coupons
For the month of January, Orgain has partnered up with professional track athlete Steven Benedict, personal trainer and sports nutritionist Sierra Nielsen, and RD, Dietitian and Wellness expert Megan Roosevelt to help you in your journey to live a fuller life! In order to prepare for success, let's begin with goal setting and the right mindset!

Setting Goals for a Fuller Life

What does it mean to Live Fully? More than any other New Year’s Resolution, Orgain believes that living a full life has the most potential to change how you approach life moving forward into 2017, but it can also seem a little vague. Do you strive for better sleep, more energy, fewer distractions, better relationships? Living a full life has a different definition for everyone, so let’s start with setting our own individual goals.

Be Specific, Very Specific

A good goal is always specific. We often hear people say, “I want to be thinner, I want to be happier, I want a bigger house,” but these aren’t goals; these are desires. How do you transition from a desire to a goal? You make it specific. Instead of focusing on the end result, focus on the steps you need to take to get there, and why. How much weight do you want to lose? Is it a number, or a size? Be specific. What would make you happier? Would being healthier make you happier? If so, what are your specific health goals? Make it specific. That’s how you go from a desire to a goal: making it specific.

Understand Why

If you don’t know your starting point, your end point becomes blurry. Be honest about your own physical and emotional health, financial status, friendships, family relationships and motivation level. How is each one of these things affecting your life, both positively or negatively?

Be Positive

A good goal is also a positive one. People often have a goal to lose, say, 20 lbs before the end of the year, which is specific. Great! But maybe we can shift this a little and go back to the “why”. How does that extra weight affect your life? Now is the time to go positive! Instead of “losing”, try gaining. Try gaining energy, or vitality, or health. Try becoming healthier instead of losing weight. Instead of watching less TV, try spending more time with your kids, more time at the gym, or more time walking outside. Soon you won’t have time for TV anyway! Instead of checking Facebook less, try putting solutions in place to be more productive and increase concentration. Always try to switch the negative into a positive. So, let’s dig in. What do you want to fill your life with?
  For the month of January, Orgain has partnered up with professional track athlete Steven Benedict to help you in your journey to gain strength and live a fuller life!