In Good Health: Jordy's Story

In Good Health: Jordy's Story

At Orgain®, we routinely provide free product to people in need, often people battling cancer and children in desperate need of nourishment. Rather than being driven by a set budget or a specific percent of sales or profits, we make every effort to say “Yes” and step forward with support whenever possible. Below is a the story of Jordy, as shared by his mother Shari via email between her and Orgain founder, Dr. Andrew Abraham. Dear Orgain, Below is my 9-year-old son Jordy's journey to, and need for, Orgain Vegan Nutritional shakes. He is on a 12-week liquid nutrition program for healing. We have already purchased 62 cases thru Amazon but my son is in need of 25 more cases. We are expecting his biopsy results next week. Possible Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. He has been sick since the middle of February. They could not figure out what was wrong with him. He had loose stools and that’s all they knew. He was diagnosed with C. diff in mid March and spent a week at Miami Children’s Hospital. They pumped him full of medicine that cured the C. diff but wrecked his little body. He lost 17 pounds and felt horrible. The doctors had us put him on Boost and then we tried Ensure. Those made him visit the bathroom more than the C. diff did. We transitioned him to the BRAT diet, which he did well on for about three weeks. Then bathroom symptoms came back. He had also developed a milk intolerance. This proved challenging because, like most kids, he loves milk and cheese and they were a large part of his caloric intake. The doctors were basically having him eat bread and apples because he hates bananas and rice. So he was taking in practically no nutrition at all. I knew there had to be a better way—a solution that didn't have chemicals and additives. Fast forward to April, I found Vegan Orgain on Amazon and bought it. He would drink one a day. I was so excited. Unfortunately, my son was not getting better so the doctor said it was time for a colonoscopy, which he had last Thursday. After the procedure the first words out of the doctors mouth were “steroids” and the first words out of mine and my husband’s mouths were “no.” We were armed and ready with what we felt would heal our son, Orgain. We researched different liquid nutrition verses steroids and found that liquid nutrition offers better healing than the steroids, which simply suppress the symptoms. The doctor was hesitant, but the dietitian at Miami children's had actually heard of Orgain and gave her approval, so the doctor agreed. Orgain is the best product on the market. Two days after my son's colonoscopy he was 100% back to his old self. Normal, healthy poop. No mucus, no dots of blood, no running to the bathroom. We knew Orgain was going to help, but we had no idea just how quickly we would see results. We are one week in and my son is happy and healthy. We have a long road ahead of us but proper nutrition is the key and Orgain opened the door for us. We, like many Americans, fell into the typical western unhealthy diet. Yuck! And so we can support my son, my husband, daughters and I are learning to eat a slow carbohydrate diet for the rest of our lives. We have 12 weeks to learn. We told him maybe God has placed this challenge in front of him to make the rest of his family healthy. He smiled and said, "You’re welcome." That's my Jordy, always light-hearted, fun loving and a blessing to us all. I am asking for assistance because we are financially strapped and I have used the money we had available to purchase 62 cases of Orgain. Anything that Orgain can do to help us purchase the remaining 25 cases would be greatly appreciated. A discounted rate, paying it out over time, any small thing you could do would be huge for Jordy. Thank you for listening to Jordy's story. Blessings to all of you at Orgain. Sincerely, Shari S.


Hi Shari, Thank you for reaching out. I’m happy to hear that Orgain has been helping to organically nourish Jordy during this difficult time for you. Jordy sounds like a wonderful blessing to your family. I have two boys aged 7 and 5 that mean everything to me so I can certainly relate. Regarding helping out, we’d be honored to. Just send me your address and we’ll send you free product so we can alleviate that burden off of you. All I ask in return is that you help us spread the word. ;) Wishing continued health for Jordy! Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you need anything. In good health, Dr. Andrew Abraham


Dr. Abraham, Thank you. Those two words seem inadequate to express our heartfelt appreciation for your generosity. When I told Jordy he smiled with his big wide smile and said, “That is awesome!” And then he literally started jumping up and down. As a mom I started to cry because of the connection one human being can make to another through an act of kindness. Your kindness comes at a trying time for our family and makes your gift so profound. A gift, not just of Orgain, but a gift of love and hope and of the knowledge that people like you still exist in the world. We are grateful that you chose to be courageous at such a young age and question the nutrition prescribed by your doctor. We are inspired by your determination to aid in your own healing. We are blessed by your dedication that lead you to create Orgain. Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Most doctors forget this basic principal. You have chosen to follow Hippocrates. You have taught us that what you put in your mouth plays an integral part in your health. Thank you for taking the road less traveled, a road often filled with obstacles and criticism. Thank you for being bold, brave and unwavering in your quest to provide the best liquid nutrition on the market. We will shout to the world the amazing health benefits of Orgain. Every man, woman, and child we talk to will know how blessed we are to have found Orgain. We will keep you posted on Jordy’s progress. Please feel free to share Jordy’s story. Love, Shari, Jordy, Brianna, Lauren and Jordy Save Save

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