Sometimes the idea of heading to the gym or getting out for a run is pretty darn unpleasant, particularly after a long day at work or when you’re short on time. We get it, but those excuses add up, and your health deserves better. Good health momentum can help! When you eat a good breakfast you’re more likely to eat well the rest of the day; when you make it to that early morning spin class, you’ve accomplished major fitness milestones and it isn’t even 8am yet! Whatever your fitness level, let’s all commit to fewer excuses and more movement. Here are five common excuses and ways to work around them:

“I Don’t Have Time”

This is probably the easiest excuse you can use to get out of a workout. And while this may be true in some situations, most people can squeeze in a workout, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Nobody said a trip to the gym had to last two hours. Use the 18 minutes you spend deciding what to watch on Netflix to go for a quick jog or walk around the neighborhood. Or instead of scrolling through Instagram when you wake up, get up and do ten minutes of yoga. Make your health a priority.

“I can't afford a gym membership.”

Gym memberships can be pretty pricey. But exercise doesn’t have to be confined to a fitness center. The gym is all around you. Head outdoors for a run, bike ride, or challenge yourself with an outdoor body-weight workout. Working out outside has a 50% greater positive effect on mental health than just going to the gym––it’s our favorite stress buster! Or if you want to stay in, pull up a workout video online that you can do in the comfort of your own home. You can get a workout in anywhere.

“It’s boring.”

OK, so a treadmill can be boring for some. But with so many different workouts out there to explore, there are always new things to try. From cycling and running clubs to pilates, dance, swimming, and trapeze classes (yes, like you see at the circus) there are plenty of options to keep things fresh. Make exercise social or competitive or a combo of both! Invite your friends or get to know some new neighbors. Exercise is only as boring as you make it.  

“I have to watch the kids.”

Why not get the kids involved? Getting your kids to exercise with you is a great way to introduce them to taking care of their bodies and caring about their health. So make a habit of taking a walk together after dinner or have a family soccer game a few nights a week. Everyone can get their heart pumping while enjoying some quality fun and family time. If you do decide to join a gym, look for one that offers free child care during member classes. And if your chosen gym doesn't already offer that, go ahead and make that suggestion!

“I’m just not into exercising.”

Maybe you’ve labeled yourself in the past, but why weigh yourself down with the added burden of unnecessary limitations? You don’t have to be a “type” to put on a pair of sneakers and breath some fresh air. Want to be the "exercise type person"? Step 1 - be a person. Step 2 - get some exercise. Avoiding health issues of a sedentary lifestyle is reason enough to get moving. More than anything, exercise is for you, so join us as we all renew our commitments to ourselves and our health.