Do you know what your first word was as a baby? Chances are, it was “Dada”, according to a survey of more than 11,000 moms.

So, while dads are often the humble heroes who are reluctant to be pampered, there are a few things you can do to make sure the dad in your life—whether it’s your biological dad, step-dad or whoever you feel fills the role in your family— feels special on Father’s Day.

Find activities that dad loves.

Sure, gifts are always awesome, but quality time trumps them all. Especially as kids get older, dads secretly wish for the days when they could play catch, go for a run or even just play video games together.

Let him kick back while you do the chores.

Whether it’s lawn work, cleaning up the garage, or just taking out the trash, dads do a lot around the house, whether they like it or not. So one of the easiest gifts you can give your dad is help. Do a few chores he doesn’t necessarily love so he can relax for the day.

Make it a movie night.

Not always, but typically, dads have to put their movie choices second to kids movies, rom-coms for mom or a whole slew of other choices. That’s why making Father’s Day a matinee event can be the way to go. Pop up some popcorn, make his favorite snacks and set aside time (no phones allowed) to watch his favorite flicks. Whether they’re action flicks, comedies or musicals, just make sure to laugh at all the same parts he does.

But what ABOUT gifts?

Don’t get us wrong. While experiences are awesome, there’s plenty you can actually get for dad that he will love.

Ask yourself these questions to find the perfect gift:

  • What are his hobbies? Is there anything he needs for them?
  • Is there anything that would make his job or chores easier?
  • What are his goals for the year? To be more fit? To be more present?
  • Is there anything he’s been hinting at? Maybe those old running shoes aren’t as comfortable as they used to be or a tool is broken in the garage.

Here are some surefire ideas for putting a smile on dad’s face.

Set him up for success in the kitchen or on the grill.

If dad loves to grill or cook, now can be a great time to set him up with new knives, new methods or new ingredients with which he can cook. There are a TON of tools dad can add to his repertoire, and you may be able to get some healthy ingredients into his cooking with some interesting recipes that maybe he never thought of.

Gear him up for a healthy lifestyle at home.

Back in the day, dads used to groan at the thought of a gym membership. But nowadays, guys are finding ways to be healthier, even at home. Using Father’s Day as an excuse to build an at-home space for working out can be great way to help him find more time in his day and keep him healthier.

In the age of quarantine and COVID-19, gyms aren’t open everywhere yet. And the safest route is probably just to lift at home. From just a set of dumbbells and a yoga mat all the way to a squat rack with olympic lifting gear—there are myriads of ways to start a gym at home.

After you’ve got him squared away with some iron, make sure he’s got all the nutrition he needs to stay fueled up and recover well. You can gift him a subscription for any of the following:

Protein powders—Great for recovery, building lean muscle and all around Health.

Collagen powders—Supports healthy joints, hair, nails.

Sport supplements—Skip the artificial stuff from the supplement store and go for all-natural energy and recovery blends. They taste great, and they add a kick to your workout routine.

Last but not least, just make sure dad knows how much you care. Dads are often one of the unsung heroes of the family because they don’t necessarily love the attention. A few simple words, no arguing, or just laughing at their dad jokes go a long way when it comes to appreciating the father figure in your home.

Customizable Father’s Day cards can you help you keep an inside joke going even longer.

Or just simply a gift card to a place he’ll actually shop is a great way to go.

Either way, make sure it’s a stress-free day where you give dad the credit he deserves. Happy Father’s Day everyone!