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Weight Management

Healthy Grocery Girl for Orgain: Smart Snacking 101

By Megan Roosevelt, RDN & Founder of HealthyGroceryGirl.com A balanced snack in between meals can help manage energy and blood sugar levels. Snacks can also be a great way to boost our overall intake of fruits and vegetables. Today I’m sharing a few tips for smart snacking and also sharing a few healthy snack ideas! Tips To Snack Smart
  1. Snack when you’re hungry, not bored. You do not HAVE to follow a traditional meal plan of 3 meals and 2 - 3 snacks per day if that does not work for you. Listen to your personal hunger cues and snack when it’s right for you!
  2. Think of snacks as mini meals and a great opportunity to incorporate more fruits, veggies, whole grains and wholesome nutrients into your diet!
  3. Remember portion control! It’s easy to get carried away when snacking and before you know it you’ve eaten more than you planned. Portion control snacks such as Orgain’s Protein Bars and Nutritional Shakes are great. Nature also helps us out with snacks, such as an apple or banana which is easy to enjoy and already perfectly portioned!
  4. Eat mindfully! It’s easy to eat in the car, when replying to emails, walking out the door or watching television. However, when we eat while we are distracted we are likely to eat more and be less satisfied. Instead try and take a snack break, even for just 3 - 5 minutes and enjoy your snack without any distractions.
  5. Plan your snacks ahead of time. If you wait until you’re hungry to make a snack choice, you may find that you are too ravenous to make a healthy choice or that no healthy choices are available. If you’re away from home each day for work, school or travel, plan and pack a few healthy snacks with you. When hunger strikes you’ll be thankful you did!
Snack Ideas
  • Carrots & hummus
  • Whole-grain or seed crackers with avocado or guacamole
  • Banana & almond butter
  • Apple and peanut butter
  • Avocado spread on whole-grain or gluten-free toast
  • Almond milk yogurt with blueberries, almonds & low-sugar granola
  • Orgain Shakes
  • Orgain Protein Bars
  • A green or fruit smoothie made with Orgain Protein Powder
  • A serving of almonds (which is 23 almonds)
  • Homemade energy bites or energy bars
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