In 2020, most people can say they have a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. Causes and kinds of cancer vary, but the adverse impact it has on a person and everyone in that’s person’s life is astronomical.

At Orgain, we can relate. Cancer was in our family too. Our founder Andrew Abraham, M.D., battled a rare form of cancer, and his journey back to health inspired him to start Orgain founded on clean nutrition and health and wellness.

Fortunately, there are ways to help try to prevent cancers. According to the American Cancer Society, at least 42 percent of newly diagnosed cancers in the U.S. – about 750,000 cases in 2020 – are potentially avoidable, including the 19 percent of all cancers that are caused by smoking and the 18 percent caused by a combination of excess body weight, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition and physical inactivity. This month during National Cancer Prevention Month, and every month after, make a commitment to living a healthy, vibrant life for yourself and those you care about. Here are actionable steps you can take now to start reducing your risk.

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
Perhaps when you set active goals at the beginning of the year, you didn’t consider how important physical activity is to the bigger picture. Yes, you may want to lose weight, but it’s equally as important to keep it off, and the American Cancer Society agrees. Excess weight causes the body to produce and circulate more estrogen and insulin, hormones that can stimulate cancer growth. Avoiding excess weight gain, engaging in regular exercise and limiting high-calorie foods and beverages is key.

Adopt a physically active lifestyle
Time to put your FitBit to the test and track your exercise. The goal? At least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. For children and teens, it’s at least one hour a day. Other daily activities like cleaning, washing your car and walking instead of taking the escalator still help and have many health benefits.

Consume a healthy diet, with an emphasis on plant-based foods
This means limiting consumption of refined grain products, processed foods and alcoholic beverages. American Cancer Society recommends eating at least 2.5 cups of vegetables and fruits each day. Macro and micronutrients needed to fulfill these daily goals can also be found in Orgain’s Organic Protein Shakes.

What’s next? Community action
Are you a leader within your organization or community? Advocate for change for the greater good. Help connect people with healthcare and nonprofit organizations that offer free cancer screenings, increase access to affordable and healthy foods at your worksite, and support physical activity.

Let’s raise awareness together and spread the word about preventative cancer care here and on social media with #AttackingCancer #CancerPrevention #WorldCancerDay #NationalCancerPreventionMonth