Who’s ready for a little more Vitamin D? Spring is the perfect time to get outside and freshen up that workout routine. Getting outside more often is not only better for our mental and emotional health, but has been shown to improve our physical health, too! Here are five workouts to help us all spend a little more time outdoors.

Park Bench Step Ups

We’re willing to be there are benches outside of your office building or maybe just down the street. Whether you’re out for a walk or run already, or just looking to get some air, this is a great one to get the heart pumping. You’ll be shocked at how much damage (in a good way!) this exercise can do in just two minutes.

Hill sprints

It’s tough to beat running if you’re looking for an efficient calorie burner, and now that the weather is on your side, why not lace up and get out there? Ready to crank it up? Hill sprints. Studies show that just 2.5 minutes of sprinting can burn an extra 200 calories per day, and adding elevation helps develop better running form and is a great way to train for speed. The best part? You get to walk...in between each sprint, that is.

Jump Rope

Grab it and get out there! This one is a BIG calorie burner, so make sure you have some good footwear and get ready to sweat. Have to be out the door soon? Or maybe you only have 30 minutes for lunch break. Great! That’s plenty of time to get in this 10 minute jump rope workout. Not only is it a great way to remember new muscles (don’t forget to stretch!) but it’s fun.

Full Body Workout on the go

Looking to hit all the sweet spots in short order? This workout by fitness pro Sierra Nielsen will do the trick. Just grab your yoga mat and find a quiet spot outdoors. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO! THE WORKOUT: 🔹Reverse lunge + plyo step up, 10 reps each leg 🔹Single Leg RDL jumps, 10 each leg 🔹Lunge - Squat - Lunge Jump combo, 10 total 🔹Lateral bounds, 20-30 secs 🔹10 mountain climbers into 1 pushup, 10 rounds 🔹High Plank Front Raise + T Rotation, 10 reps each side. 🔹REPEAT 3x. Bonus Tip from Sierra: Don’t forget to stretch and fuel up immediately after. My fav post-workout fuel right now? Orgain's new 26 gram protein shakes!

Ready set PLANK

Indoors or out, the plank is one exercise we could all stand to do a little more often. All of the desk-sitting we do these days is doing no favors for our core strength, so make this one a daily to-do. “The Plank is definitely the grandfather of core work and much more valuable than you think.Not only are planks a great ab workout but they will ultimately help with proper form and execution while you’re lifting, help decrease your risk of injury and improve your balance and posture. Plus there are tons of different variations that you can do literally anywhere! Time to start planking babes!” - Sierra Nielsen