Consistently getting out the door on time is a special talent not many of us possess, especially in the morning. Amid the flurry of activity, there is one key component that should not be neglected, second only to remembering to put on pants. Breakfast. It’s called the most important meal of the day for very good reason: regularly skipping breakfast may trigger weight gain. Below are our favorite delicious and fast on-the-go breakfasts that even the busiest person can squeeze in with less than 10-minutes.

1. First, Make A Plan

Planning ahead is the ideal way to alleviate any morning stress or schedule crunching. No one wants to start their day feeling anxious, strained, or running late. Look ahead at your schedule and plan your breakfasts accordingly. The morning that you have a 9 AM meeting is probably not the day to experiment with a new recipe! Stock up on your supplies and keep your weekly breakfast agenda handy.  

2. If you’re prepping a few days before…  

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3. The Night Before…

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4. The Morning Of…

Orgain protein shakes are the perfect no-cooking/chopping/blending solution for your breakfast nutrition needs! If you’re used to a big breakfast, substituting a shake may not feel easy at first, but the protein will keep you satiated and your body will be well satisfied with good, clean nutrition. Or, whip up your favorite smoothie recipe and add a serving of Orgain protein powder for all the protein and nutrients your body needs to start your day the right way. Looking for some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite smoothies: If you are one of those people who needs a hot breakfast, our easy and healthy Superfoods Cocoa Latte Recipe, Orgain Golden Almond Latte Recipe, and Pumpkin Spice Protein Latte will fuel - and warm - you up! Bonus: It fits in your favorite to-go mug.

5. But What About Coffee?!

Need a caffeine fix? Don’t fear! Skip Starbucks and grab our Organic Cold Brew Coffee + Protein! With 10 grams of protein, our cold brew coffee may give you longer-lasting energy than caffeine alone. It has only 2 grams of sugar so you won’t experience that dreaded sugar crash, either.

6. Bonus! Set Yourself Up For Success

Keep it simple: Develop an effective but straightforward beauty and hygiene routine. Making your morning regimen habitual (and easy) will save you time and help you look and feel your best. Your skin will thank you! Prep your lunch: Consider meal prepping for the week so that your lunches are either totally ready to go, or at least, very easy to assemble. Switching to a packed lunch will keep your wallet and waistline happy! Dress for success: Spend a few minutes the night before and lay out your clothes so you don’t waste any time searching for your favorite work pants or that specific blouse. Don’t forget to check the weather! Have your bag packed: Pack your work bag the night before so you are not searching for your computer charger in the morning. Keep a few protein bars in there for mid-day snacking!