Back to school lunches can get boring pretty quickly, often resulting in the unwelcome return of thoughtfully packed snacks and sandwiches. Keep the tedium at bay by packing interesting foods they like without spending too much time worrying about what they might not eat. We’ve got 6 easy weekly lunch meal prep ideas to keep things exciting!

  1. Veggie sticks are super versatile. Stash them in lunch boxes with a container of nut or seed butter, Greek yogurt dip, or hummus for dipping or roll them into wraps and sandwiches to add color, fiber, and crunch. 
  2. Fruit salad or cut fruit keeps things simple for kids come snack time or lunch. Sliced apples, pears, and oranges are easier for kids to eat when they don’t have to peel them or make them smaller to nibble. Slices and chunks are also easier for them to share and have more sweet-tasting surface area to enjoy than say, a whole apple. Just add a squeeze of lemon juice and a splash of water to keep sliced apples and pears from oxidizing in the fridge!
  3. Hard boiled eggs can be eaten on their own, with rice, veggies, and soy sauce, or chopped up into classic egg salad for sandwiches and wraps. 
  4. Muffins- whether of the oatmeal apple spice or egg, veggie, and cheese variety are ideal for tucking into lunchboxes for snack or as a perfectly portioned grab and go breakfast. 
  5. Overnight oats, made with Orgain ready to drink kids’ protein shakes pack plenty of protein and flavor in super quick, make ahead jars or cups. Try chocolate avocado pudding to switch things up without sacrificing nutrition.  
  6. Burritos or wraps are a simple main that can be prepped for the week. Fill with black beans, cheese, and sautéed peppers; hummus and greens; or bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Breakfast burritos filled with scrambled eggs and spinach are another easy win for busy mornings- simply make a batch during weekly meal prep and freeze so kids can heat and eat. 

Of course, keeping Orgain Kids’ O Bars in the pantry also simplifies tasty, easy to reach nutrition while lunches packed in re-usable containers make assembly quick. With divided sections and snack and dip sized containers, filling each compartment with meal prepped ingredients means tasty lunches come together in a flash with less waste! Good luck and bon appetite!