Deck the halls but don't ditch your diet

Weight Management

Deck the halls but don't ditch your diet

Even dietitians and personal trainers get derailed during the holidays, and that’s ok! The first step in sticking to your overall health goals amid the parties and cookies and eggnog is to keep your head in the game. Just because you had one candy cane too many doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel. By following these diet-friendly tips, you won’t be frustrated with yourself when New Year’s resolutions roll around. Here are five tips to stay on track and still have a jolly holiday!

1. Stick to your routine

Even though your day-to-day routine during the holidays might be turned upside down with travel plans or visiting guests, do your best to maintain those healthy habits you worked so hard to develop. When you give up your routine, it can be a slippery slope. If you aren’t anywhere near a gym during holiday travels, create a new routine before you depart. Find some trails nearby or get a one-week pass to a local gym or yoga studio. Ask yourself, what are the easiest components of your healthy routine, and commit to sticking to those. Is it drinking enough water or eating a quality breakfast? By making the simpler things happen, you’re more likely to stick to the rest when you can. Above all, try to take time every day to focus on yourself.

2. Eat your vegetables

Surprise! Vegetables are super good for you and one of the best ways to keep you focused on a healthy lifestyle. Not only are vegetables nutritious, they are high in fiber, which is filling and great for digestion. Try to incorporate vegetables into all your meals. While we believe all vegetables are great, eating seasonal vegetables are a fresh and delicious way to increase your veggie-quota. Vegetables, like squash, root vegetables, and kale are in-season during the winter months, and can bee prepared a myriad of ways. Try Superfoods White Bean and Kale Soup, Superfoods Green Curry, and Orgain Protein Butternut Squash Bisque recipes to be sure you are getting enough veggies!

3. Power of protein

Make your meals count! Protein is a crucial aspect of a healthy and well-balanced diet. If you are worried about the healthy food options at a party, make yourself a protein-filled snack before you head out. Stay on-theme with holiday-inspired protein bites. If you’re attending a potluck, Orgain’s Supergreens Hummus Recipe or Superfoods Beet Hummus Recipe are crowd pleasers that also fall in line with your wellness goals.  

4. Dial back the drinking

The holiday season is filled with long dinner parties and road trips, and it’s all too easy to turn to coffee or alcohol to perk yourself up. However, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol is the easiest way to derail your diet. Instead of hitting up Starbucks for a sugar-packed caffeine fix, try a Golden Almond Latte. When you really need caffeine superpowers, green tea is a great choice. If you are heading to a social gathering, try Superfoods Superpunch for a fun and alcohol-free beverage -- perfect for a crowd. If you enjoy a drink or two, enjoy! If you’re listening to your body you’ll know when more caffeine or alcohol is no longer serving you.

5. Treat yourself!

Enjoying a treat or two is par for the course in any healthy diet, but not overindulging can be a challenge. Remember that no matter what, we are all human. Instead of seeing your sweet tooth as a lack of self control, honor it as a way of rewarding yourself for all of the hard work you’ve put in. If you’re attending a party and can’t stop thinking about the gingerbread cookies, have one! Challenge yourself to eat it mindfully, savor every spicy, delicious bite, and enjoy the flavors of the season.  

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