Our kids need daily sources of protein to support growth, to fuel their play and to feed their active lifestyles. Our bodies don't naturally store much protein, making it even more important to proactively nourish our kids with healthy proteins on a daily basis. Not only do kids need protein to help their bodies build cells, build brainpower, break down food into energy and fight infections, but they also need it to grow. As we find ourselves heading into the back to school hustle and bustle, it is important to continue to encourage children to eat two to three servings of protein-rich food each day. Here are some easy ways to amp up protein this back to school season: • Offer up small and frequent protein-rich meals or snacks every 2-3 hours. • Help your child refrain from filling up on drinks before meals at home. • Keep nourishing, nutrient rich drinks readily available like organic milk or Orgain's ready-to-drink protein shakes for kids. Pack 'em as a snack for school! • Fill their lunchboxes and snack bags with ready-to-eat protein-packed snacks like nuts, cheese, yogurt and Orgain's protein bars.

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